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Santana - “Sideways“ Chords

Santana Sideways chords. Related pages are Sideways Video Tutorial, Black Magic Woman Video Tutorial, Game Of Love Video Tutorial, Evil Ways Video Tutorial, Maria Maria Bass Tabs. See all Santana tabs. Submit corrected and missing chords here.

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I love this song. I can't believe no one has uploaded it on the site yet.
Anyway here's my rendition of the chords used in this song.
Verse: Em  B7  ( "You know it ain't easy..." )
Chorus: Am  Em  ( "These feelings won't go away..." )
           Am   B   B+  ( lately... Whenever you come around me..." )
The guitar riffs are easy to figure out basic E blues on the 12th fret.
I'll tab them and send them as soon as I get a chance. Hope this helps.
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