Sideways By Santana

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I love this song. I can't believe no one has uploaded it on the site yet.
Anyway here's my rendition of the chords used in this song.
Verse: Em chord diagramEmEm  B7 chord diagramB7B7  ( "You know it ain't easy..." )
Chorus: Am chord diagramAmAm  Em chord diagramEmEm  ( "These feelings won't go away..." )
           Am chord diagramAmAm   B chord diagramBB   B chord diagramBB+  ( lately... Whenever you come around me..." )
The guitar riffs are easy to figure out basic E chord diagramEE blues on the 12th fret.
I'll tab them and send them as soon as I get a chance. Hope this helps.
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The End                                                               The End

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