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Start Me Up ( Jagger/Richards )
       Rolling Stones


       B| chord diagramB|B|---5---6-6-|--5---6-6--|---5-6-5---|
       G| chord diagramG|G|---5---5-5-|--5---5-5--|---5-5-5---|
       D| chord diagramD|D|---5---7-7-|--5---7-7--|---5-7-5---|

       repeat with the rhythm:

       D| chord diagramD|D|--3--5--3-------|
       A| chord diagramA|A|--1--1--1-------|

       [C chord diagramCC] [F chord diagramFF] [Eb chord diagramEbEb] [C chord diagramCC]
       [C chord diagramCC]



         Excuse me any mistake, it's from memory.

        #Andre Schwantes    

                                            Porto Alegre
                                       Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil

My first post to this site, so I hope it looks ok :)

As with a lot of Rolling Stones songs, Keith Richards tunes his guitar to
an 'open G chord diagramGG' (low to high: D chord diagramDD,G,D,G,B,D) tuning. The  6th (lowest) string is
removed when playing this song. Another more or less trademark of

Intro:                       P          M   M
D chord diagramDD----|----------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|
B chord diagramBB--5-|:-6-6---------5-|--6-6-5-5-5-6---|----------------|--------3-3-3-5:|
G chord diagramGG--5-|--5-5---------5-|--5-5-5-5-5-5-0-|3---3---3---3-3-|----3---3-3-3-5-|
D chord diagramDD--5-|:-7-7---------5-|--7-7-5-5-5-7-0-|3---5---3---5-3-|--3-5-3-3-3-3-5:|
G chord diagramGG--5-|--------------5-|--5-5-5-5-5-5-0-|3---3---3-3---3-|--3-3-3-------5-|

That repeats a few times up until the Chorus. Here is the Chorus

D chord diagramDD-5-|----------------|--------------------------------|----------------|
B chord diagramBB-5-|----5---5-------|--10----10--10--10--------------|----5---5-------|
G chord diagramGG-5-|----5---5-7-7/10|--10----10--10--10--8---7---5---|----5---5-7-7/10|
D chord diagramDD-5-|----5---5-7-7/10|--10----10--10--10--8---7---5---|----5---5-7-7/10|
G chord diagramGG-5-|----5---5-7-7/10|--10----10--10--10--8---7---5---|----5---5-7-7/10|

D chord diagramDD |--------------------------------|
B chord diagramBB |10------10--10--10--------------|
G chord diagramGG |10------10--10--10--8---7---5---|
D chord diagramDD |10------10--10--10--8---7---5---|
G chord diagramGG |10------10--10--10--8---7---5---|

* = This chord is not really played. You already played it (the last chord
in the intro) The chord is just carried into the chorus.

Note that I have also not tabbed in the lowest string.

P = pull-off.
M = muted note.
/ = slide up.
: = repeat.

Any probs, feel free to mail me.

	Have fun :)

The End                                                  The End

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