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Red Hot Chili Peppers chords and tabs

Red Hot Chili Peppers tabs and chords

Funk is a keyword often used when someone is describing Red Hot Chili peppers music, but there is more; add some punk, hip hop, good lyrics, psychedelic rhythms and good riffs and you are close to the result. You will find all this in the Red hot chili peppers tabs below.

Vocalist Anthony Kiedis and Flea on bass is the only two founding members. Other members has been in and out of the band and reasons like drugs, frustrations and even death has been the reasons for some of the departures. Although their first albums did well, the first megasuccess was “Blood sugar magic” released in 1991. Many of the most popular red Hot Chili Peppers tabs below are from this CD. Only “Californication” has sold more than this album.

The band is popular both in the underground and in the mainstream scene and after seven Grammy awards and 65 million albums sold Red Hot Chili Peppers is still going strong.

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Song title Type Rating
AeroplaneBass tabs
AeroplaneGuitar chords
AeroplaneGuitar tabs
Aeroplane (Ver2)Guitar chords
After hoursGuitar chords
American ghost danceBass tabs
Animal barBass tabs
Annie wants a babyGuitar chords
Annie wants a babyGuitar tabs
Annie wants a baby (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Annie wants a baby acousticGuitar chords
Apache rose peacockGuitar tabs
Around the worldGuitar chords
Around the worldBass tabs
Around the worldGuitar tabs
Around the world (Ver2)Guitar tabs
BackwoodsGuitar tabs
Blood sugar sex magikBass tabs
Blood sugar sex magikGuitar tabs
Blood sugar sex magik (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Body of waterGuitar tabs
Breaking the girlGuitar tabs
Breaking the girlGuitar chords
Brendans death songGuitar chords
Brendans death songGuitar tabs
Brothers cupGuitar tabs
Buckle downGuitar tabs
By the wayGuitar tabs
By the wayBass tabs
By the wayGuitar chords
CabronGuitar tabs
CabronGuitar chords
CabronBass tabs
CalifornicationGuitar tabs
CalifornicationBass tabs
CalifornicationGuitar chords
CalifornicationGuitar solo
Californication (Ver2)Guitar solo
Californication (Ver2)Guitar chords
Californication (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Californication acousticGuitar chords
Californication albumGuitar tabs
Californication1Guitar tabs
Can't stopGuitar tabs
Can't stopBass tabs
Can't stopGuitar chords
Can't stop (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Can't stop liveGuitar tabs
Can't stop liveGuitar chords
Can't stop ukuleleGuitar chords
Can't waitGuitar tabs
Catch my deathGuitar chords
Catholic school girls ruleGuitar tabs
CharlieBass tabs
CharlieGuitar solo
CharlieGuitar tabs
Charlie (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Circle of the nooseBass tabs
Coffee shopBass tabs
Coffee shopGuitar tabs
Coffee shopGuitar chords
Dance dance danceGuitar chords
Dani caifornia drumGuitar tabs
Dani CaliforniaGuitar tabs
Dani CaliforniaBass tabs
Dani CaliforniaGuitar chords
Dani CaliforniaGuitar intro
Dani California (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Dark necessitiesGuitar intro
Dark necessitiesGuitar chords
Dark necessitiesGuitar intro
Dark necessitiesBass tabs
Dark necessities (Ver2)Guitar chords
Dark necessities (Ver2)Bass tabs
Dark necessities (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Dark necessities (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Death of a martianGuitar chords
Desecration smileGuitar tabs
Desecration smileGuitar chords
Desecration smile acousticGuitar chords
DetroitGuitar tabs
DetroitGuitar chords
DetroitBass tabs
Did I let you knowGuitar tabs
Did I let you knowGuitar chords
Don t forget meBass tabs
Don't forget meGuitar chords
Don't forget meGuitar tabs
Don't forget me (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Don't forget me liveGuitar tabs
DosedGuitar solo
DosedGuitar tabs
DosedBass tabs
DosedGuitar chords
Dosed (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Dreams of a samuraiGuitar chords
EasilyBass tabs

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