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Pink Floyd chords and tabs

Pink Floyd tabs and chords

Pink Floyd started as a quartet in the mid sixties but they later added another member counting five in total. Their music is so rich that they also had other musicians during concerts. The band had many good songs which you can find in the Pink Floyd tabs below.

The band knew exactly what to do so everything should be perfect in every detail. No only music but also lyrics, album art, and their massive shows. They started off playing progressive and psychedelic rock but later moved more and more into long pop-songs which were easier for the masses. You will find all musical periods represented in the Pink Floyd tabs here on the site. The last performance was on the 12th of May 2011 at the O2 Arena in London

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Song title Type Rating
4 albumsGuitar chords
A great day for freedomGuitar chords
A pillow of windsGuitar tabs
A pillow of windsGuitar chords
A saucerful of secretsGuitar chords
Allons-y 2Guitar tabs
Anisina soloGuitar tabs
Another Brick in The WallGuitar tabs
Another Brick in The WallBass tabs
Another Brick in The WallGuitar chords
Another Brick in The Wall Part 2Bass tabs
Another Brick in The Wall Part 2Guitar solo
Another Brick in The Wall Part 2 (Ver2)Bass tabs
Another Brick in The Wall Part 2 (Ver3)Bass tabs
Another Brick in The Wall Pt 1Bass tabs
Another Brick in The Wall Pt1Guitar tabs
Another Brick in The Wall Pt2Guitar tabs
Apples and orangesGuitar chords
Arnold layneGuitar chords
Arnold layne (Ver2)Guitar chords
Astronomy domineGuitar tabs
Astronomy domineGuitar chords
Atom heart motherGuitar chords
Atom heart mother breast milkyGuitar tabs
Biding my timeGuitar tabs
BikeGuitar chords
BikeGuitar tabs
Bike (Ver2)Guitar chords
Brain damageGuitar chords
Brain damageGuitar tabs
Brain damage (Ver2)Guitar chords
Brain damage (Ver3)Guitar chords
Brain damage (Ver4)Guitar chords
Breath acousticGuitar chords
Breath repriseGuitar tabs
BreatheGuitar tabs
BreatheGuitar chords
Breathe (Ver2)Guitar chords
Breathe in The AirBass tabs
Bring the boys back homeGuitar tabs
Burning bridgesGuitar chords
Careful with that axe eugeneBass tabs
Childhoods endGuitar chords
Cirrus minorGuitar chords
Cluster oneGuitar tabs
Comfortably numbGuitar tabs
Comfortably numbBass tabs
Comfortably numbGuitar chords
Comfortably numbGuitar solo
Comfortably numb (Ver2)Guitar chords
Comfortably numb (Ver2)Bass tabs
Comfortably numb (Ver3)Guitar chords
Coming back to lifeGuitar chords
Coming back to lifeGuitar tabs
Coming back to life (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Corporal cleggGuitar tabs
Country songGuitar chords
CymbalineGuitar tabs
CymbalineBass tabs
CymblaineGuitar chords
Dark side albumGuitar chords
Dark side of the moon albumGuitar chords
DogsGuitar tabs
DogsGuitar chords
Dogs (Ver2)Guitar chords
Dogs of warGuitar tabs
Dogs solo 2Guitar tabs
Don't leave me nowGuitar chords
EchoesGuitar tabs
EchoesGuitar chords
EchoesGuitar solo
EchoesBass tabs
EclipseGuitar chords
Eclipse (Ver2)Guitar chords
Eclipse (Ver3)Guitar chords
Eyes to pearlsGuitar tabs
Fat old sunGuitar tabs
FearlessGuitar chords
FearlessGuitar tabs
Final cutGuitar solo
Final cut albumGuitar chords
FlamingGuitar chords
Flaming (Ver2)Guitar chords
Fletcher memorial homeGuitar chords
Fletcher memorial home soloGuitar tabs
Free fourGuitar chords
Goodbye blue skyGuitar tabs
Goodbye blue sky (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Grantchester meadowsGuitar tabs
Great Gig in The SkyGuitar chords
Green is the colorGuitar tabs
Happiest daysGuitar tabs
Happiest days of our livesBass tabs
Have a cigarGuitar tabs
Hey youGuitar tabs
Hey youGuitar chords
High hopesGuitar tabs

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