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Pantera chords and tabs

Pantera tabs and chords

Pantera, guitar information, was a heavy metal band from Arlington, Texas. Also learn from videolessons like ’How to play Cemetery Gates’ and ’How to Play Metal Guitar Licks in the Style of Dimebag Darrell’. Go to for more on the lates news, concerts and releases.

Learn to play songs from albums like ’Cowboys from Hell’ and ’The Great Southern Trendkill’ with these Pantera guitar tabs and chords. Bands and artists like Damageplan, Down and Superjoint Ritual and musical directions like Heavy metal, groove metal and thrash metal are often mentioned to describe Pantera. Learn to play songs like Floods outro solo and Piss from the full catalog of music spanning from 1981 to 2003.

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Song title Type Rating
25 yearsGuitar tabs
5 minutes aloneBass tabs
5 minutes aloneGuitar tabs
A new levelGuitar tabs
A new level of confidenceGuitar tabs
All over tonightGuitar tabs
Art of shreddingGuitar tabs
Base mouthGuitar intro
BecomingGuitar tabs
BrokenBass tabs
Caged in A RageGuitar tabs
Cat scratch feverGuitar tabs
Cemetery gatesGuitar tabs
Cemetery gatesBass tabs
Cowboys from helGuitar intro
Cowboys from hellBass tabs
Cowboys from hellGuitar tabs
Cowboys from hellGuitar intro
Cowboys from hell ukuleleGuitar intro
DominationGuitar tabs
FloodsGuitar tabs
Floods longGuitar tabs
Floods outro soloGuitar tabs
Forever tonightGuitar tabs
Fucking hostileGuitar tabs
Fucking hostileBass tabs
Fucking hostile (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Heavy metal rulesGuitar tabs
HeresyGuitar tabs
HeresyBass tabs
HollowGuitar tabs
Ill cast a shadowGuitar tabs
I'm brokenGuitar tabs
Live in A HoleGuitar tabs
Medicine manGuitar tabs
Message in BloodGuitar tabs
Message in Blood (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Message in Blood (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Mouth for warGuitar tabs
Mouth for warBass tabs
No goodGuitar tabs
No good attack the radicalGuitar tabs
PissGuitar tabs
Planet caravanGuitar tabs
Primal concrete sledgeGuitar tabs
Primal concrete sledge (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Primal concrete sludgeBass tabs
Proud to be loudGuitar tabs
Psycho holidayBass tabs
Psycho holidayGuitar tabs
Regular peopleGuitar tabs
Regular people concietBass tabs
Regular people (Ver2)Guitar tabs
RiseGuitar tabs
Shedding skinGuitar tabs
SlaughteredGuitar chords
Strength beyond strengthGuitar tabs
Suicide note part 1Guitar tabs
The badgeGuitar tabs
The great southern trendkillGuitar tabs
The great southern trendkillBass tabs
The great southern trendkill (Ver2)Guitar tabs
The sleepGuitar tabs
This loveGuitar tabs
This loveBass tabs
Throes of rejectionGuitar tabs
Underground in AmericaGuitar tabs
UpliftGuitar tabs
Use my third armGuitar tabs
WalkGuitar tabs
WalkBass tabs
Well grind that axe for a long timeGuitar tabs
Well meet againGuitar tabs
Where you come fromGuitar tabs