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Ozzy Osbourne chords and tabs

Ozzy Osbourne started his musical career in Black Sabbath in the early 70s but became a solo artist after some years. He is one of the godfathers of heavy metal and has defined the genre together with his bands-mates and band-members. His most popular songs can be found in these tabs and chords. Ozzy Osbourne is a well awarded man which has received Grammys, NME awards, VH1 honors and been inducted onto the Rock and roll hall of fame.

A man of his size can pick the best musicians whenever he needs one and you will find Ozzy Oasbourne tabs from all periods here. The most famous guitarist in Ozzys band was Randy Rhodes, a metal guitarist full of classical music influences. He died in a plane-crash while on tour. The music has changed thru the years but the main concept and style has always been the same. He invented heavy metal and has been faithful to the genre for over forty years.

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Song title Type Rating
11 silverBass tabs
Bark at The MoonGuitar tabs
Bark at The MoonBass tabs
Bark at The Moon (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Bark at The Moon AlbumGuitar tabs
Bark at The Moon1Guitar tabs
BelieverGuitar tabs
Blizzard of ozz albumGuitar tabs
Breaking all the rulesGuitar tabs
Close my eyes foreverGuitar tabs
Countdowns begunGuitar tabs
Crazy trainGuitar tabs
Crazy trainBass tabs
Crazy trainGuitar intro
Crazy trainGuitar chords
Crazy train (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Crazy train (Ver2)Guitar chords
Crazy train liveGuitar tabs
Crazy train live introGuitar tabs
Crazy train live versionGuitar intro
Crazy train1Guitar tabs
DeeGuitar tabs
Diary of a madmanGuitar tabs
Diary of a madman albumGuitar tabs
Dog the bounty hunterGuitar tabs
Down to earth albumGuitar tabs
DreamerGuitar tabs
DreamerGuitar chords
Dreamer (Ver2)Guitar chords
Facing hellGuitar tabs
Flying high againGuitar tabs
Flying high again acousticGuitar chords
Gets me throughGuitar tabs
Goodbye to romanceGuitar chords
Goodbye to romanceGuitar tabs
Here for youGuitar chords
I don t wanna stopGuitar tabs
I don't wanna stopGuitar tabs
I don't want to change the worldGuitar tabs
I don't want to change the world (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Iron manGuitar tabs
Just say ozzy albumGuitar tabs
Killer of giantsGuitar tabs
Let me hear you screamBass tabs
Lightning strikesGuitar tabs
Little dollsGuitar tabs
Live and loud albumGuitar tabs
Mama I am coming homeGuitar tabs
Mama i'm coming homeGuitar chords
Mama i'm coming homeGuitar chords
Mama i'm coming homeGuitar tabs
Miracle manGuitar tabs
Mr crowleyBass tabs
Mr crowleyGuitar tabs
Mr crowleyGuitar chords
Mr crowley (Ver2)Guitar chords
Mr crowley liveGuitar tabs
Mr tinkertrainGuitar tabs
Mr. crowleyGuitar tabs
My jekyll doesn't hideGuitar tabs
NightmareGuitar tabs
No bone moviesGuitar tabs
No bone movies (Ver2)Guitar tabs
No easy way outGuitar tabs
No more tearsGuitar tabs
No more tearsBass tabs
No more tears albumGuitar tabs
No rest for the wicked albumGuitar tabs
Now you see itGuitar tabs
Old la tonightGuitar tabs
Old la tonightGuitar chords
Over the mountainGuitar tabs
Over the mountainGuitar solo
Ozzmosis albumGuitar tabs
ParanoidBass tabs
ParanoidGuitar intro
ParanoidGuitar tabs
Perry masonBass tabs
Perry masonGuitar tabs
RevelationGuitar tabs
Road to nowhereGuitar tabs
Road to nowhereGuitar chords
SatoGuitar chords
See You on The Other SideGuitar tabs
Shot in The DarkGuitar tabs
Shot in The Dark (Ver2)Guitar tabs
So tiredGuitar chords
Speak of the devil albumGuitar tabs
Steal away the nightGuitar tabs
Steal away the nightGuitar tabs
Suicide solutionGuitar tabs
Symptom of the univrseGuitar tabs
TearsGuitar tabs
The ozzman comethGuitar tabs
The ozzman cometh albumGuitar tabs
The ultimate sin albumGuitar tabs
Thunder undergroundGuitar tabs

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