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One Direction chords and tabs

One Direction tabs and chords

One Direction, play guitar in the style of, are a British-Irish boy band consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Below is One Direction tabs and chords for songs like More than this and One thing.

One direction is not only a studio band with singles and hits, they also tour and do concerts. On stage they often do cover songs by artists like Pink, Coldplay and The Beatles. You will only find One Direction tabs here, but if you are after the coversongs search for bandname or song

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Song title Type Rating
18Guitar chords
18Guitar intro
18 (Ver2)Guitar chords
1d mashupGuitar chords
A mGuitar chords
Act my ageGuitar chords
Act my age introGuitar tabs
AliveGuitar chords
AmGuitar chords
Am (Ver2)Guitar chords
Am ukuleleGuitar chords
Another worldGuitar chords
Back for youGuitar tabs
Back for youGuitar chords
Best song everBass tabs
Better than wordsGuitar chords
Better than words (Ver2)Guitar chords
C'mon, c'monGuitar chords
Change my mindGuitar tabs
Change your ticketGuitar chords
CloudsGuitar chords
DianaGuitar chords
Diana (Ver2)Guitar chords
Diana (Ver3)Guitar chords
Does he knowGuitar chords
Does he know (Ver2)Guitar chords
Don't forget where you belongGuitar chords
Don't let me goGuitar chords
Drag me downGuitar chords
Drag me downBass tabs
Drag me downGuitar tabs
Drag me down (Ver2)Guitar chords
Drag me down (Ver3)Guitar chords
Drag me down ukuleleGuitar chords
End of the dayGuitar chords
Everything about youGuitar chords
FireproofGuitar chords
FireproofGuitar tabs
Fireproof (Ver2)Guitar chords
Fools goldGuitar chords
Fools goldGuitar tabs
Forever youngGuitar chords
Forever young (Ver2)Guitar chords
Forgive meGuitar chords
Four mashupGuitar chords
Girl almightyGuitar chords
Gotta be youGuitar chords
Gotta be you (Ver2)Guitar chords
Half a heartGuitar chords
Half a heartGuitar tabs
Half a heart (Ver2)Guitar chords
HappilyGuitar chords
HappilyGuitar tabs
Happily (Ver2)Guitar chords
Happily (Ver3)Guitar chords
Heart attackGuitar chords
Hey angelGuitar chords
HistoryGuitar chords
History (Ver2)Guitar chords
History (Ver3)Guitar chords
History (Ver4)Guitar chords
History ukuleleGuitar chords
HomeGuitar chords
I shouldve kissed youGuitar chords
I shouldve kissed you (Ver2)Guitar chords
I wantGuitar chords
I want to write you a songGuitar chords
I want to write you a songGuitar tabs
I want to write you a song (Ver2)Guitar chords
I want to write you a song (Ver2)Guitar tabs
I want to write you a song (Ver3)Guitar chords
I want to write you a song ukuleleGuitar chords
I wishGuitar tabs
I wishGuitar chords
I wish (Ver2)Guitar tabs
I wish (Ver2)Guitar chords
If I could flyGuitar chords
If I could fly (Ver2)Guitar chords
IllusionGuitar chords
I'm at A NandosGuitar chords
InfinityGuitar chords
Infinity (Ver2)Guitar chords
IrresistibleGuitar tabs
IrresistibleGuitar chords
Irresistible (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Irresistible (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Just can't let her goGuitar chords
Kiss youGuitar tabs
Kiss youGuitar chords
Last first kissGuitar chords
Little black dressGuitar chords
Little black dressGuitar tabs
Little black dress (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Little thingsGuitar chords
Little thingsGuitar tabs
Little thingsBass tabs
Little things (Ver2)Guitar chords

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