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Nightwish is Finland's biggest export success apart from Nokia and Finlandia vodka. The band was formed in Kitee in 1996 by keyboard player Tyomas Holopainen, guitar player Emppu Vuorinen and singer and eye candy Tarja Turunen. Nightwish plays gothish symphonic metal with female and male vocal parts. The male part used to be sung by various guest artist but is currently done by new bass guitar player Marco Hietala. Turunen has left the band and has been replaced by Anette Olzon who now provides the female vocals.

Nightwish songs are often based on fantasy and mythology themes. Some of their early works used Finnish language but since the debut album English is used almost exclusively.

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Song title Type Rating
10th man downGuitar tabs
10th man downBass tabs
7 days of the wolvesGuitar tabs
A return to the seaGuitar tabs
AmaranthGuitar intro
AmaranthBass tabs
AmaranthGuitar tabs
Amaranth acousticGuitar chords
Angels fall firstGuitar tabs
Astral romanceGuitar tabs
Astral romanceGuitar chords
AwayGuitar tabs
AwayGuitar chords
Bare grace miseryBass tabs
Bare grace miseryGuitar tabs
Beauty and the beastGuitar tabs
Bless the childGuitar tabs
Bless the childBass tabs
Bye bye beautifulGuitar tabs
Bye bye beautifulBass tabs
Come cover meGuitar tabs
Creek marys bloodGuitar tabs
Creek marys bloodGuitar solo
Creek marys bloodGuitar chords
Crimson tideGuitar tabs
Crimson tide deep blue seaGuitar tabs
Crimson tide deep blue seaBass tabs
CrownlessGuitar tabs
Dark chest of wondersBass tabs
Dark chest of wonders liveGuitar tabs
Dead boys poemGuitar tabs
Dead boys poemBass tabs
Dead boys poemGuitar chords
Dead gardensGuitar tabs
Dead gardensGuitar intro
Dead to the worldGuitar chords
Dead to the worldGuitar tabs
Dead to the worldBass tabs
Deep silent completeGuitar tabs
Deep silent completeGuitar chords
Deep silent completeBass tabs
Devil and the deep dark oceanGuitar tabs
ElanGuitar chords
ElvenpathGuitar tabs
ElvenpathBass tabs
End of all hopeBass tabs
End of all hopeGuitar tabs
EvaGuitar chords
EvaGuitar solo
Ever dreamGuitar tabs
Ever dreamGuitar chords
Ever dreamBass tabs
Ever dream liveGuitar tabs
FantasmicBass tabs
FantasmicGuitar tabs
Feel for youGuitar tabs
For the heart I once hadGuitar tabs
For the heart I once hadGuitar chords
Forever yoursGuitar tabs
GethsemaneGuitar tabs
GethsemaneBass tabs
GethsemaneGuitar chords
Ghost love scoreGuitar tabs
Ghost love scoreGuitar chords
Ghost love scoreBass tabs
Gothic santuaryGuitar tabs
Heart asks pleasure firstGuitar chords
Higher than hopeGuitar tabs
I want my tears backGuitar chords
I wish I had an angleGuitar tabs
IslanderGuitar chords
IslanderGuitar tabs
Kuolema tekee taiteilijanGuitar chords
Last of the wildsGuitar tabs
Last of the wildsGuitar solo
Live to tell the taleGuitar intro
Master passion greedGuitar tabs
Master passion greedGuitar solo
Master passion greedBass tabs
Meadows of heavenGuitar chords
MoondanceGuitar tabs
NemoGuitar tabs
NemoGuitar chords
NemoBass tabs
NightquestGuitar tabs
NightwishGuitar chords
Nymphomaniac fantasiaGuitar tabs
Ocean soulGuitar chords
Once upon a troubadourGuitar tabs
Once upon a troubadourGuitar chords
Our Decades in The SunGuitar chords
Over the hills and far awayGuitar tabs
Over the hils and far awayGuitar solo
Passion and the operaGuitar tabs
Phantom of the operaGuitar tabs
Phantom of the operaBass tabs
Pharao sails to orionGuitar tabs

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