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Mötley Crüe chords and tabs

Mötley Crüe tabs and chords

Mötley Crüe, play bass and guitar in the style of, is a heavy metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1981. Play the guitar and bass part of Girls girls girls and Dr feelgood with our Motley Crue tabs and chords. Motley Crue play Heavy metal, glam metal and hard rock just like banads and artists like Sixx:A.M., Methods of Mayhem and 58.

The official website is at Motley Crue saw the light of day in 1981, and have given us classics like Theatre of Pain and Too Fast for Love. Play your favourite songs in the style of Mick Mars. In the early days Ozzy Osbourne took the band on tour and helped them to become on top of the fame and music charts. After some years of, the band is back touring with the original vocalist Vince Neil. Get the Motley Crue tabs here.

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Song title Type Rating
AfraidGuitar tabs
BastardGuitar tabs
Dancing on GlassGuitar tabs
Doctor feelgoodGuitar tabs
Don't go away madGuitar chords
Don't go away mad just go awayGuitar tabs
Dr. feelgoodGuitar tabs
Dr. feelgoodBass tabs
Dragstrip superstarGuitar tabs
DriftawayGuitar tabs
DriftawayGuitar chords
Face Down in The DirtBass tabs
Find myselfGuitar chords
Girls girls girlsBass tabs
Girls, girls, girlsGuitar tabs
Girls, girls, girlsBass tabs
Girls, girls, girls (Ver2)Guitar tabs
God bless the children of the beastGuitar tabs
Goin out swinginGuitar intro
HammeredGuitar tabs
Home sweet homeGuitar chords
Home sweet homeGuitar tabs
Hooligans holidayGuitar tabs
If I die tomorrowGuitar tabs
Just another psychoGuitar tabs
Just another psychoBass tabs
Kickstart my heartGuitar tabs
Kickstart my heartGuitar solo
Kickstart my heartGuitar chords
Looks that killGuitar tabs
LoveshineGuitar tabs
Merry go roundGuitar tabs
MisunderstoodGuitar tabs
On with the showGuitar tabs
On with the showBass tabs
Piece of your actionGuitar tabs
Piece of your actionGuitar chords
Power to the musicGuitar tabs
Primal screamGuitar tabs
Public enemy 1Guitar tabs
Raise your hands to rockGuitar tabs
Red hotGuitar tabs
Rock and roll junkieBass tabs
Saints of los angelesGuitar tabs
Same ol situation sosGuitar tabs
SexGuitar tabs
She goes downBass tabs
She goes downBass tabs
Shout at The DevilBass tabs
Shout at The DevilGuitar tabs
Shout at The Devil 97Guitar tabs
Starry eyesGuitar tabs
Starry eyes (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Starry eyes (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Take me to the topGuitar tabs
TeaserGuitar chords
Ten seconds to loveGuitar tabs
Ten seconds to love (Ver2)Guitar tabs
The Animal in MeGuitar chords
Toast of the townGuitar tabs
Too fast for loveGuitar tabs
Too Young To Fall in LoveGuitar tabs
Too Young To Fall in LoveBass tabs
Uncle jackGuitar tabs
Welcome to the numbGuitar tabs
Wild sideGuitar tabs
Wild sideBass tabs
Without youGuitar chords
Without youBass tabs