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Lo How A Rose Eer Blooming by Misc Christmas

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LO HOW A chord diagramAA ROSE E chord diagramEE'ER BLOOMING (Traditional)

This is a great Christmas tune.  You can play partial or full chords -
both sound great.  I've provided a tab, but strumming works well also.
The first F chord diagramFF is a hard reach - if you want you can just play standard F chord diagramFF,
or if you're quick, use xx7565.

I prefer to play this with the capo at the fourth fret - it gives it a
nice ring.  Enjoy.

! means release, ~ means sustain

Main theme
  C chord diagramCC       G chord diagramGG   C chord diagramCC   F chord diagramFF   C chord diagramCC   G chord diagramGG~~~~~~~ A chord diagramAA-   !  F chord diagramFF       C chord diagramCC   G chord diagramGG

B chord diagramBB:1-------0---1---1---1---0-------|1-------1-------1---3-------1---|
G chord diagramGG:0-------0---0---2---0---0-------|2-------2-------0---0-----------|
D chord diagramDD:2-------0---2---3---2---0-------|2-------3-------2---0-----------|
A chord diagramAA:3-----------3-------3---2-------|----------------3---2-----------|
E chord diagramEE:--------3---------------3-------|--------------------3---3-------|

  G chord diagramGG       C chord diagramCC

B chord diagramBB:1---0---1-----------------------|
G chord diagramGG:0-------0-----------------------|
D chord diagramDD:--------2-----------------------|
A chord diagramAA:--------3-----------------------|
E chord diagramEE:3-------------------------------|



      C chord diagramCC   G chord diagramGG   E chord diagramEE-  A chord diagramAA-     G chord diagramGG D chord diagramDD G chord diagramGG

B chord diagramBB:----1---3---0---1-----|----0----------|
G chord diagramGG:----0---0---0---2---2-|0-2-0----------|
D chord diagramDD:----2---0---2---2-----|0--------------|
A chord diagramAA:----3---2---2---------|---------------|
E chord diagramEE:--------3-------------|3---3----------|

Play the Main Theme 1x more to end the refrain.


The End                                                  The End

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