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Metallica chords and tabs

Metallica tabs and chords

The band was founded in 1981 when young guitarist James Hetfield met drummer Lars Ulrich. Current line-up features long-time lead guitarist Kirk Hammett who joined the band prior to the album debut the same year and bassist Robert Trujillo on bass who joined in 2003. Complete list of Metallica tabs here

Fast tempos, heavy riffs, clean solos and aggressive musicianship are keywords when their music is described. You will find it all the Metallica tabs below. They started to get a following from day one and saw the commercial top in 1991 when they achieved substantial success with their the fifth album known as The Black Album. The band has sold more than 100 million records worldwide. In June 2003, Metallica's eighth studio album, St. Anger drew mixed reactions from critics as there were no guitar solos. The band has, as you can see in the Metallica tabs below, since gone back to the formula of long solos on albums.

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Song title Type Rating
and justice for allGuitar solo
-humanGuitar chords
-humanBass tabs
2 x 4Bass tabs
2x4Guitar tabs
2x4Bass tabs
53rd and 3rdGuitar tabs
53rd and 3rd (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Ain't my bitchGuitar tabs
All nightmare longGuitar tabs
All within my handsBass tabs
All within my handsGuitar tabs
Am I evilBass tabs
Am I evilGuitar tabs
Am I evil (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Am I evil (Ver2)Bass tabs
And justice for allGuitar tabs
And justice for all (Ver2)Guitar tabs
And justice for all albumGuitar tabs
And justice for all albumBass tabs
AnethesiaBass tabs
AstronomyBass tabs
AstronomyGuitar chords
AstronomyGuitar tabs
AttitudeGuitar tabs
Bad seedGuitar tabs
Bass guitar doodleBass tabs
BatteryBass tabs
BatteryGuitar tabs
BatteryGuitar intro
Battery (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Better then youGuitar tabs
Beyond magnetic albumBass tabs
Black album albumBass tabs
Black album albumGuitar tabs
BlackenedGuitar tabs
BlackenedBass tabs
Bleeding meGuitar tabs
Bleeding me introGuitar tabs
BlitzkriegGuitar tabs
BlitzkriegBass tabs
BreadfanGuitar tabs
Broken beat and scarredGuitar tabs
Broken beat and scarredGuitar tabs
Call of ktuluGuitar tabs
Carpe diem babyGuitar tabs
Carpe diem babyGuitar chords
Charlie brown themeGuitar tabs
Cliffem all albumBass tabs
Cliffem all albumGuitar tabs
Crash Course in Brain SurgeryBass tabs
Crash Course in Brain SurgeryGuitar tabs
Crash Course in Brain Surgery (Ver2)Bass tabs
Creeping deathGuitar tabs
Creeping deathBass tabs
Creeping death (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Creeping death (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Cunning stuntsBass tabs
Cunning stuntsGuitar tabs
Cunning stunts albumBass tabs
Cunning stunts albumGuitar tabs
Cunning stunts backstage jamGuitar tabs
Cunning stunts backstage jam1Guitar tabs
CureGuitar tabs
CyanideGuitar tabs
Cyanide liveGuitar tabs
Cyanide (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Damage incBass tabs
Damage incGuitar tabs
Damage incGuitar chords
Death magnetic albumGuitar tabs
Death magnetic albumBass tabs
Devils danceGuitar tabs
Die die my darlingGuitar chords
Dirty windowGuitar tabs
Dirty window1Guitar tabs
Dirty window2Guitar tabs
Dirty window3Guitar tabs
Disposable heroesGuitar tabs
Disposable heroesBass tabs
Don't Tread on MeGuitar tabs
Dyers eveGuitar tabs
Ecstacy of goldGuitar tabs
Ecstasy of goldGuitar tabs
Enter sandmanGuitar tabs
Enter sandmanBass tabs
Enter sandmanGuitar intro
Enter sandmanGuitar chords
Enter sandman (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Enter sandman (Ver2)Bass tabs
Enter sandman (Ver2)Guitar chords
Enter sandman (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Enter sandman (Ver3)Bass tabs
Enter sandman introGuitar intro
Entire master of puppets albumGuitar tabs
EscapeGuitar tabs
Escape (Ver2)Guitar tabs

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