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Megadeth chords and tabs

Megadeth tabs and chords

Megadeth, play guitar in the style of, is a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California which was formed in 1983 by guitarist/vocalist Dave Mustaine, bassist Dave Ellefson and guitarist Greg Handevidt, following Mustaine’s expulsion from Metallica.

We have all the Megadeth tabs and chords, but point your browser at to get the official site. Because of the good Heavy metal and thrash metal, the artists have a well deserved place at the Rock and roll hall of fame museum. With classics like Coming home and Gears of war from the past, new music are still written. Megadeth has a place in the music history together with Metallica, F5 and Panic. With CDs like So Far, So Good.. So What! and So Far, So Good.. So What! no wonder why they are conducted into Rock and roll hall of fame.

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Song title Type Rating
the shadow of dethGuitar tabs
1000 times goodbyeGuitar tabs
1000 times goodbyeBass tabs
13 acousticGuitar tabs
1320Guitar tabs
1320 (Ver2)Guitar tabs
44 minutesGuitar tabs
99 ways to dieGuitar tabs
A secret placeBass tabs
A tout le mondeGuitar tabs
A tout le mondeGuitar chords
A tout le monde (Ver2)Guitar tabs
A tout le monde (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Addicated to chaosGuitar tabs
Almost honestGuitar tabs
Anarchy in The UkGuitar tabs
Angry againGuitar tabs
Angry againBass tabs
Angry again (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Ashes in Your MouthGuitar tabs
Black curtainsGuitar tabs
Black swanGuitar tabs
Blood of heroesGuitar tabs
BodiesGuitar tabs
BreadlineGuitar tabs
Burning bridgesGuitar tabs
Coming homeGuitar tabs
CountdowGuitar tabs
Countdown to extinctionBass tabs
Countdown to extinctionGuitar chords
Crown of wormsGuitar tabs
Crown of wormsBass tabs
Dawn patrolBass tabs
Dawn patrolGuitar tabs
Dawn patrol (Ver2)Bass tabs
Dawn patrol (Ver3)Bass tabs
Deadly nightshadeBass tabs
DiademsGuitar tabs
Dialectic chaosGuitar tabs
DisconnectGuitar tabs
Duke nukem themeGuitar tabs
Duke nukem theme (Ver2)Guitar tabs
EcstacyGuitar tabs
Elysian fieldsGuitar tabs
EndgameGuitar tabs
Family treeGuitar tabs
Fatal illusionGuitar tabs
Five magicsBass tabs
Five magicsGuitar chords
Forclosure of a dreamGuitar tabs
ForeclosGuitar tabs
Foreclosure of a dreamBass tabs
Foreign policyBass tabs
Gears of warGuitar tabs
Go to hellBass tabs
Hangar 18Bass tabs
Hangar eighteenGuitar tabs
Hangar eighteenBass tabs
Head crusherGuitar tabs
Head crusher (Ver2)Guitar tabs
High speed dirtBass tabs
Holy warsGuitar tabs
Holy wars the punishment dueGuitar tabs
Hook in MouthGuitar tabs
How the story endsGuitar tabs
I thought I knew it allGuitar tabs
In my darkest hourBass tabs
In my darkest hourGuitar tabs
Into the lungs of deathGuitar tabs
Killing is my business and business is goodGuitar tabs
KingmakerGuitar intro
KingmakerGuitar tabs
Last rites-loved to dethGuitar tabs
Losing my sensesGuitar chords
LucretiaGuitar tabs
LucretiaGuitar chords
Mary janeBass tabs
Mary janeGuitar tabs
MastermindGuitar tabs
MechanixGuitar tabs
Millenium of the blindGuitar tabs
MotopsychoGuitar tabs
New world orderGuitar tabs
No more mr nice guyGuitar tabs
Off the edgeGuitar tabs
Peace sellsBass tabs
Peace sellsGuitar tabs
ProblemsGuitar chords
PsychotronGuitar tabs
Public enemy no 1Guitar tabs
Public enemy no 1Guitar chords
Public enemy no1Guitar tabs
RattleheadGuitar tabs
Real loveGuitar chords
Recipe for hate warhorseGuitar tabs
Reckoning dayGuitar tabs
Return to hangarGuitar tabs

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