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Paul McCartney chords and tabs

Paul McCartney tabs and chords

James Paul McCartney, winner at the Grammy awards, is a musician, singer-songwriter and composer. Learn Paul McCartney songs like Dance tonight mandolin tab and My valentine with these tabs and chords. As seen in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum.

For more information and the latest updates, check the website at Bands and artists like The Quarrymen, The Beatles and Wings and musical directions like Rock, pop and classical are often mentioned to describe Paul McCartney. The career for Paul McCartney started in 1957, and since then classics like McCartney II and McCartney have been released.

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Song title Type Rating
All my trialsGuitar chords
All of youGuitar chords
All shook upGuitar tabs
AlligatorGuitar chords
AlligatorGuitar tabs
AlligatorBass tabs
AngryGuitar chords
Another dayGuitar chords
AnywayGuitar chords
Average person ukuleleGuitar chords
Babys requestGuitar chords
Back on My FeetGuitar chords
Back seat of my carGuitar chords
Ballroom dancingBass tabs
Band on The RunGuitar tabs
Band on The RunGuitar chords
Band on The RunBass tabs
Band on The Run (Ver2)Guitar chords
Beautiful nightGuitar chords
Beware my loveBass tabs
Beware my loveGuitar chords
Big barn bedBass tabs
Big barn bed (Ver2)Bass tabs
Biker like an iconGuitar chords
Bip bopBass tabs
BlackbirdGuitar tabs
BlackpoolGuitar chords
BluebirdGuitar chords
BluebirdBass tabs
Bogey musicBass tabs
Brown eyed handsome manGuitar chords
Bye bye blackbirdGuitar chords
Calico skiesGuitar chords
Call me back againGuitar chords
Coming upGuitar tabs
Coming upBass tabs
Country dreamerBass tabs
Dance tonightGuitar tabs
Dance tonight mandolin tabGuitar tabs
Dear boyGuitar chords
Dear friendBass tabs
Deliver your childrenGuitar chords
Don't be careless loveGuitar chords
Driving rainGuitar chords
Driving rain albumGuitar chords
Early daysGuitar chords
Eat at HomeGuitar chords
Ebony and ivoryBass tabs
Ebony and ivoryGuitar chords
Ebony and ivory (Ver2)Guitar chords
End of the endGuitar chords
Ever present pastGuitar chords
Every nightBass tabs
Every nightGuitar chords
Everybody out thereGuitar chords
Everybody out thereGuitar tabs
Figure of eightGuitar chords
Flying to my homeGuitar chords
Follow meGuitar chords
FreedomGuitar chords
Get itGuitar chords
Get yourself another foolGuitar chords
Getting closerGuitar chords
Getting closerGuitar chords
Getting closerBass tabs
Give ireland back to the irishBass tabs
Golden earth girlGuitar chords
GoodbyeGuitar chords
Goodnight tonightGuitar chords
Gotta sing gotta danceBass tabs
Great dayGuitar tabs
Hands of loveBass tabs
Heart of the countryGuitar chords
Heaven on A SundayBass tabs
Heaven on A SundayGuitar chords
Here todayGuitar chords
Here today (Ver2)Guitar chords
Hi hi hiBass tabs
Hold me tight lazy dynamite hands of love power cutGuitar chords
Honey hushBass tabs
Hope for the futureGuitar chords
Hope of deliveranceGuitar tabs
Hope of deliveranceGuitar chords
Hope of deliverance (Ver2)Guitar chords
HosannaGuitar chords
House of waxGuitar chords
How do you doGuitar chords
How kind of youGuitar chords
I can betGuitar chords
I can't imagineGuitar chords
I doGuitar chords
I doBass tabs
I got stungBass tabs
I owe it all to youGuitar chords
I owe it all to youBass tabs
I willGuitar chords
If you wannaGuitar chords

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