Where Are You Going Acoustic By Dave Matthews Band

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Dave Matthews, Where are you Going -- Acoustic
As Tabbed By Christopher Owens

In many of Dave Matthew's songs, the guitar seems to play one
part throughout the song, and the melody is provided by the
bass. This can be a bummer if you're performing solo, esp.
on an acoustic.

First, TUNE your 1st string (high e) down to an a -- I find it
easiest to tune to a harmonic on the 12th fret of the 5th (A)
string. This gets rid of having to deal with muting the e string
through the entire song -- it provides a nice, mellow sound.

So your tuning is:

Intro & Verse

Dsus2     Dsus2/G     Dsus2/B     Dsus2/A.    Many x

(The intro hammers on the G string --0h2---)
Pick the bass note DISTINCTLY, then just strum them in.

CHORUS ("I am no Superman...")

Dsus2     C        Bm      Bb      3x

(See chord voicings below)
These chord voicings have a nice mellow sound.

CHORUS COT'D ("But I do know one thing...."

Dsus2     C      Dsus2        Dsus2

"After all, where you go...."

C         C          C        Dsus2 ......


If you're playing this solo / acoustic, you probably won't
want to put this in here, but here's what I can catch: It's
a descending F# major scale, I think. That translates to:

e|:-8s14s12-12-11-9 something something-2s3-2s3,-2-3-5-7-8
Repeat, end with                                 2-3-5-7-8-10

But that's for a high e-string, which we don't have in this
tuning. Try it on your B-string.



Dsus2  Dsus2/G  Dsus2/B  Dus2/A         C   Bm   Bb
  0      0        0       0             0   0    0
  3      3        3       3             3   3    1
  2      2        2       2             0   4    2
  0      0        0       0             2   4    3
(0)     0        2       0             3   X    X
  X      3        X       X             X   X    X

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