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Most popular songs by Mastodon: Pendulous Skin, High Road, Ember City, The Motherload, Tread Lightly.

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Song title Type Rating
Aqua dementiaBass tabs
Aqua dementiaGuitar tabs
Aunt lisaGuitar tabs
Bedazzled fingernailsGuitar tabs
BladecatcherBass tabs
BladecatcherGuitar tabs
Bladecatcher (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Blood and thunderBass tabs
Blood and thunderGuitar tabs
Blood mountain albumGuitar tabs
Burning manGuitar tabs
Capillarian crestGuitar tabs
Circle of cysquatchGuitar tabs
Colony of birchmenBass tabs
Colony of birchmenGuitar tabs
Crack the skyeGuitar tabs
Crusher destroyerGuitar tabs
Crystal skullBass tabs
Crystal skullGuitar tabs
Curl of the burlGuitar tabs
Cut you up with a linoleum knifeGuitar tabs
DivinationsGuitar tabs
DivinationsBass tabs
Elephant manGuitar tabs
Ember cityBass tabs
Ghost of kareliaGuitar tabs
Hail to fireGuitar tabs
HalloweenGuitar tabs
Hearts aliveGuitar tabs
Hearts aliveBass tabs
High roadGuitar tabs
Hunters of the skyGuitar tabs
I am ahabGuitar tabs
I am ahabBass tabs
Iron tuskGuitar tabs
Iron tuskBass tabs
IslandBass tabs
IslandGuitar tabs
Joseph merrickGuitar tabs
March of the fire antsGuitar tabs
March of the fire antsBass tabs
MegalodonBass tabs
MegalodonGuitar tabs
Mother puncherBass tabs
Mother puncherGuitar tabs
Naked burnGuitar tabs
Naked burnBass tabs
OblivionBass tabs
OblivionGuitar tabs
Oblivion (Ver2)Guitar chords
Ole nessieGuitar tabs
Once more round the sunGuitar tabs
One is the loneliest numberBass tabs
Pendulous skinGuitar tabs
QuintessenceGuitar tabs
SeabeastBass tabs
SeabeastGuitar tabs
Shadows that moveBass tabs
Siberian divideGuitar tabs
Sleeping giantGuitar tabs
Sleeping giant (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Thank you for thisGuitar tabs
The czarBass tabs
The hunterGuitar intro
The last baronGuitar tabs
The motherland (Ver2)Guitar tabs
The motherloadGuitar intro
The motherloadBass tabs
This mortal soilGuitar tabs
Trampled under hoofGuitar tabs
Tread lightlyGuitar tabs
TrilobyteGuitar tabs
We built this come deathGuitar tabs
Where strides the behemothGuitar tabs
Wofl is looseGuitar tabs
Wolf is looseBass tabs
Wolf is looseGuitar tabs
WorkhorseBass tabs
WorkhorseGuitar tabs