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Lynyrd Skynyrd chords and tabs

Lynyrd Skynyrd tabs and chords

Lynyrd Skynyrd, one of the oldest bands that is still alive and rocking. The band saw the light of day in 1964 and soon got worldwide fame for their easy-to-like guitar orientated music. You will find the Lynyrd Skynyrd tabs to all the hits here.

Band members have been in and out of the band and the complete list of members and ex-members count 25. The music has always been the same and is today liked by all generations. With sing-along lyrics and catchy riffs as seen in the Lynyrd Skynyrd tabs and chords here, the band will be heard at parties, pubs and on radio in many years to come.

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Song title Type Rating
All I can doGuitar chords
All I can do is write about itGuitar chords
Am a losinGuitar chords
Am I losinGuitar chords
CaminGuitar tabs
Cheatin womanGuitar chords
Comin back for moreGuitar tabs
Comin back for moreGuitar intro
Comin homeGuitar tabs
Cottonmouth countryGuitar tabs
Curtis loweGuitar chords
Don't ask me no questionsGuitar chords
Don't ask me no questionsGuitar tabs
Double troubleGuitar tabs
FloydGuitar tabs
Floyd acousticGuitar tabs
Free birdGuitar tabs
Free birdGuitar intro
Free birdGuitar chords
Free birdGuitar solo
Free birdBass tabs
FreebirdBass tabs
FreebirdGuitar chords
Gifted handsGuitar tabs
Gimme back my bulletsGuitar tabs
Gimme three stepGuitar chords
Gimme three stepsGuitar chords
Gimme three stepsGuitar tabs
Gimme three stepsGuitar intro
Gimme three steps acousticGuitar tabs
God and gunsGuitar tabs
HomegrownGuitar chords
I ain't the oneGuitar tabs
I know a littleGuitar tabs
I know a littleGuitar tabs
I need youGuitar tabs
I need youBass tabs
Jacksonville kidGuitar chords
JunkieGuitar tabs
Last of a dyin breed acousticGuitar chords
Last rebelGuitar chords
Last rebel acousticGuitar chords
Lucky manGuitar tabs
Made in The ShadeGuitar chords
Made in The ShadeGuitar chords
Mississippi kidGuitar tabs
Mr bankerGuitar tabs
Needle and the spoonGuitar tabs
Needle and the spoonGuitar chords
On the huntGuitar tabs
One more timeGuitar chords
Poison whiskeyGuitar chords
Preachers daughterGuitar tabs
Pure and simpleGuitar chords
Railroad songGuitar tabs
Red white and blueGuitar chords
Roll gypsy rollGuitar chords
Same old bluesGuitar tabs
Saturday night specialGuitar tabs
Saturday night specialBass tabs
SearchingGuitar tabs
Simple kind of manGuitar tabs
Simple manGuitar tabs
Simple manGuitar chords
Simple manBass tabs
Simple man acousticGuitar tabs
Something to live forGuitar chords
Southern waysGuitar chords
Still unbrokenGuitar tabs
StormGuitar tabs
Swamp musicGuitar tabs
Swamp musicGuitar chords
Sweet home alabamaGuitar tabs
Sweet home alabamaGuitar chords
Sweet home alabamaBass tabs
Sweet home alabama (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Sweet home alabama (Ver2)Guitar chords
Sweet home alabama (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Sweet home alabama (Ver3)Guitar chords
Sweet home alabama acousticGuitar tabs
Sweet little missyGuitar chords
That smellGuitar tabs
The ballad of curtis loewGuitar chords
The ballad of curtis loewGuitar tabs
The last rebelGuitar tabs
The last rebel introGuitar tabs
The needle and the spoonGuitar chords
The seasonsGuitar tabs
They call me the breezeGuitar tabs
Things goin onGuitar tabs
Things goin onGuitar chords
Travelin manGuitar tabs
Trust introGuitar tabs
Tueday's goneGuitar intro
Tuesdays goneBass tabs
Tuesdays goneGuitar tabs
Tuesdays goneGuitar chords

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