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Most popular songs by Lil Wayne: Mirror, Suckerforpain, How To Love, How To Love, Drop The World.

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Song title Type Rating
Best rapper aliveBass tabs
Bitches love meGuitar chords
Da da daGuitar intro
Drop the worldGuitar chords
Every girlGuitar tabs
Get a lifeGuitar intro
How to loveGuitar tabs
How to loveGuitar chords
I am not a human beingGuitar tabs
I feel like dyingGuitar tabs
I know you want meGuitar tabs
Leather so softGuitar tabs
LolipopGuitar intro
LollipopGuitar chords
MirrorGuitar tabs
MirrorGuitar chords
MirrorGuitar solo
Mrs officerGuitar tabs
President carterGuitar tabs
Prom queenGuitar tabs
Right above itGuitar chords
Right above itGuitar tabs
RunninGuitar intro
Shes on FireGuitar tabs
ShineGuitar tabs
Start a fireGuitar chords
Sucker for painGuitar chords
Sucker for painGuitar intro
Tie my handsGuitar tabs
We be steady mobbinGuitar tabs