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Kid Rock - “Only god knows why“ Guitar tab

Kid Rock Only god knows why guitar tab.

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This 'Only god knows why' guitar tab by Kid Rock also include lyrics.

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Song:     Only God Knows Why

Artist:   Kid Rock

Album:    Devil W/O a Cause

After searching around on the net 1/2 an hour for the solo, I gave up and

decided to figure out myself and submit it to make it easier for all you

other bastards.


The only difference with my version is I play the chords with the bottom

two strings open.  It makes it easier to play and sounds a lot nicer, too.

*Check out the bottom to see what I'm talking about.*


(Std. Tuning)

 E B G D A E


Verse: E B A E, E B A E  repeat until....


D                  E              

I guess that's the price.......


A                                     E

Outstretched stands............





Db                    Gb

........And when your walls come tumblin'


Db             Gb         A   

........I will always be around





    E                   B                               A

E| -----12-----------------------------------------------------------------

B| --------9-------------------------------------12-----12-----------------

G| -11b-------r--9------9&11hphp--11--9--11br-p9----11--14-----14-----14---

D| -----------------11-------------------------------------14--14h16--16p14

A| ------------------------------------------------------------------------

E| ------------------------------------------------------------------------



E| ----------------------------------------------------

B| ----------------------------------------------------

G| ----------------------------------------------------

D| --------14-----14-----14----------------------------

A| -14h16--14h16--14h16--14h16-------------------------

E| -----------------------------16-14--16-16p14\12-12--


                                    E                       B

E| ------------------------------------------------------------------------

B| ---------------------------------------------0h2------------------------

G| ------------------------------------------------------------------------

D| -11--11/13--13/14--14\13--13\11--11/13--13\------4-2---2-4-4~-2---------

A| --9---9/11--11/12--12\11--11\9----9/11--11\----------4----------4-2/4---

E| ------------------------------------------------------------------------


                    A                  E

E| ----------------------0-0-----------12------------12-------

B| ----------------------5-5---5/7--------9-------------9brb--

G| --------------4--6p4------4-----11b-------r---12b----------

D| ---------2/4-----------------------------------------------

A| -2--4p2----------------------------------------------------

E| -----------------------------------------------------------







D       A                  E       E

............Take me to the river


Repeat D A E E * 3 (extend A on 3rd time and finish w/ E)




001220    00442x    00220x    00775x    00664x    00x442


   E         B         A         D        C#        Gb


h - hammer on
/ - slide up

p - pull off

\ - slide down

b - bend

~ - vibrato
r - return


9&11 hphp - hammer and pull repeatedly


That's pretty much it.  If you have any questions or comments,

e-mail me at: 

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