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Judas Priest tabs and chords

Master Judas Priest on guitar and bass with these tabs and chords

Judas Priest, play the classic songs, are a British heavy metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1969. Fans have enjoyed Judas Priest songs like Sin After Sin and Rocka Rolla since 1969. The heavy and fast riffing is fun to play on guitar and this is also the bands trademark together with the screaming vocals. For more than just guitar related stuff, go to

Learn Judas Priest songs like ’Prelude’ and ’All guns blazing’ with these tabs and chords. Starting up in the late 60, the band have inspired a whole generation of guitarists, vocalists and fans. Now, as an old heavy metal band, Judas Priest still get new young fans.

Judas Priest guitar tabs and chords

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Judas Priest bass tabs

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