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Judas Priest chords and tabs

Judas Priest, play the classic songs, are a British heavy metal band formed in Birmingham, England in 1969. Fans have enjoyed Judas Priest songs like Sin After Sin and Rocka Rolla since 1969. The heavy and fast riffing is fun to play on guitar and this is also the bands trademark together with the screaming vocals. For more than just guitar related stuff, go to

Learn Judas Priest songs like ’Prelude’ and ’All guns blazing’ with these tabs and chords. Starting up in the late 60, the band have inspired a whole generation of guitarists, vocalists and fans. Now, as an old heavy metal band, Judas Priest still get new young fans.

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Song title Type Rating
All guns blazingGuitar tabs
All the wayGuitar tabs
AloneGuitar intro
AngelGuitar chords
Before the dawnGuitar chords
Better by youGuitar tabs
Better by you better than meGuitar tabs
Better by you, better than meGuitar tabs
Between the hammer and the anvilGuitar tabs
Between the hammer and the anvil (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Beyond the realms of deathGuitar tabs
BloodstoneGuitar tabs
Breaking the lawBass tabs
Breaking the lawGuitar intro
Breaking the lawGuitar tabs
Breaking the lawGuitar chords
Breaking the law (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Breeaking the lawBass tabs
British steel albumGuitar tabs
Burn in HellBass tabs
Call for the priest raw dealGuitar tabs
CheaterGuitar intro
Come and get itGuitar tabs
CyberfaceGuitar intro
Death rowGuitar tabs
DeceiverGuitar solo
Delivering the goodsGuitar solo
Desert plainsGuitar tabs
Devils childGuitar tabs
Dissident aggressorGuitar tabs
Don't goGuitar tabs
Down in FlamesGuitar chords
Dreamer deceiverGuitar tabs
Dying to meet youGuitar tabs
Electric eyeGuitar tabs
Electric eyeGuitar intro
EulogyGuitar tabs
FeverGuitar tabs
Fire burns belowGuitar tabs
Green manalishiGuitar chords
Green manalishiGuitar tabs
Green manalishi liveGuitar tabs
GrinderGuitar tabs
Halls of valhallaGuitar tabs
Heading out toGuitar tabs
Heading out to the highwayBass tabs
Heading out to the highwayGuitar tabs
Heart of a lionGuitar intro
Hell bentGuitar tabs
Here come the tearsGuitar intro
Hot rockinGuitar tabs
I'm a rockerGuitar tabs
In betweenGuitar intro
Living after midnightGuitar tabs
Living after midnightGuitar chords
Living after midnightGuitar solo
Lost loveGuitar chords
Love bitesGuitar tabs
Love you to deathGuitar tabs
Love zoneGuitar tabs
Metal godsGuitar tabs
Metal meltdownBass tabs
Never forgetGuitar tabs
Never forgetGuitar chords
New beginningsGuitar chords
Night comes downGuitar tabs
Pain and pleasureGuitar tabs
PreludeGuitar solo
ProphecyGuitar tabs
Race with the devilBass tabs
Red white and blueGuitar tabs
Redeemer of soulsGuitar tabs
Riding on The WindGuitar tabs
Rock foreverGuitar tabs
Rocka rollaGuitar tabs
Saints in HellGuitar tabs
Solar angelsGuitar tabs
SteelerGuitar tabs
Take these chainsGuitar tabs
The ripperGuitar tabs
TroubleshooterGuitar tabs
Turbo loverGuitar tabs
Turning circlesGuitar tabs
TyrantGuitar tabs
Tyrant (Ver2)Guitar tabs
UnitedGuitar tabs
Victim of changesGuitar tabs
VisionsGuitar tabs
White heat red hotGuitar tabs
Winter retreatGuitar chords
You don't have to be old to be wiseGuitar tabs
You say yesGuitar tabs
You've got anotherGuitar tabs
You've got another thing cominBass tabs