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Waylon Jennings chords and tabs

Waylon Arnold Jennings, happy Grammy winner, was a country music singer, songwriter, and musician. The official website is at Check the huge collection of Waylon Jennings tabs and chords for songs like ’The road’ and ’Why baby why’ here at

Waylon Jennings is Country and outlaw country similar to what Willie Nelson and Jessi Colter do.

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Song title Type Rating
A long time agoGuitar chords
A lot of goodGuitar chords
Ain't living long like thisGuitar chords
Ain't No God in MexicoGuitar chords
AmandaGuitar chords
AmandaGuitar solo
AmericaGuitar chords
Anita you are dreamingGuitar chords
Are you sureGuitar chords
Are you sure hank done it this wayGuitar chords
Armed and dangerousGuitar chords
Belle of the ballGuitar chords
Black roseGuitar chords
Bob wills is still the kingGuitar chords
Broken promise landGuitar chords
Brown eyed handsome manGuitar chords
Can't you seeGuitar chords
Carnival songGuitar chords
Cloudy daysBass tabs
Come back and see meGuitar chords
Come with meGuitar chords
Couple more yearsGuitar chords
Cut the mustardGuitar chords
Didn't we shineGuitar chords
Don't cuss the fiddleGuitar chords
Don't you thinkGuitar chords
Dreaming my dreamsGuitar chords
Drinkin and dreaminGuitar chords
Dukes of hazzardGuitar chords
Endangered speciesGuitar chords
Freedom to stayGuitar chords
Good hearted womanGuitar chords
Good ol boysGuitar chords
Good time charliesGuitar chords
Hank williams syndromeGuitar chords
HardlineGuitar chords
He went to ParisGuitar chords
Heartarche oldersGuitar chords
Heaven or hellGuitar chords
High time you quit your lowdown waysGuitar chords
Honky tonk angelsGuitar chords
Honky tonk heroesGuitar tabs
I ain't livingGuitar chords
I can get offGuitar chords
I do believeGuitar chords
I don't do it nomoreGuitar chords
If you could touchGuitar chords
If you see herGuitar chords
I'm a ramblin manGuitar chords
Itll be herGuitar chords
I've always been crazyGuitar chords
I've got my faultsGuitar chords
Just talkingGuitar chords
Just to satisfy youGuitar chords
Ladies love outlawsGuitar chords
Lay it downGuitar chords
Lets all help the cowboysGuitar chords
Lonesome onry and meanGuitar chords
Looking for suzanneGuitar chords
Love of the common peopleGuitar chords
Low down freedomGuitar chords
Luckenbach TexasGuitar chords
Luckenbach TexasBass tabs
Me and paulGuitar chords
Memories of you and iGuitar chords
My rough and rowdy daysGuitar chords
Nashville bumGuitar chords
Nashville wimminGuitar chords
Never been to spainGuitar chords
No good for meGuitar chords
Nobody knowsGuitar chords
Old church hymnsGuitar chords
Old five and dimersGuitar chords
Old timerGuitar chords
OmahaGuitar chords
Paradise roseGuitar chords
Pretend I never happenedGuitar chords
Rainy day womanGuitar chords
Reno and meGuitar chords
RevelationGuitar chords
Ride me down easyGuitar chords
Rose in ParadiseGuitar chords
Sally was a good old girlGuitar chords
San francisco mabel joyGuitar chords
San francisco mabel joy (Ver2)Guitar chords
Shed rather be homelessGuitar chords
Silent partnersGuitar chords
Six white horsesGuitar chords
Smokey on The Front DoorGuitar chords
So good womanGuitar chords
Storms never lastGuitar chords
Sweet mother TexasGuitar chords
T for TexasGuitar chords
That's what you get for lovin meGuitar chords
The door is always openGuitar chords
The dukes of hazzardGuitar chords
The eagleGuitar chords

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