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Etta James chords and tabs

Etta James, guitar stuff below, was a singer. Be a Blues and RB guitar player and play your strings in the same way as Etta James, Johnny Otis and Sugar Pie DeSanto. Play the guitar and bass parts of Damn your eyes and Damn your eyes with our Etta James tabs and chords.

Etta James saw the light of day in 1954, and have given us classics like Time After Time and Mystery Lady: Songs of Billie Holiday. As seen in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum.

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Song title Type Rating
All I could do was cryGuitar chords
At lastGuitar chords
At lastGuitar tabs
Damn your eyesGuitar chords
Damn your eyesGuitar tabs
I'd rather go blindGuitar chords
I'd rather go blind liveGuitar tabs
In the basementGuitar chords
Purple rainGuitar chords
Sunday kind of loveGuitar chords