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Michael Jackson chords and tabs

Michael Jackson tabs and chords

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 and soon became popular singing together with his brothers in the band The Jackson 5. He was at the top of the business and charts for his whole life and the Guinness World Records has him as the most successful entertainer of all time. This page and these Michael Jackson tabs is a tribute to his music.

He started as a solo artist in 1971 and nine years later he released the best selling album of all time, ”Thriller”. You will find Michael Jackson tabs to all his songs here. He wrote many of his songs himself, but the word ”wrote” might not be the correct to use. Instead he sang his songs into a recorder to keep his ideas. When they where in the studio he sang all the instruments to tell the musicians how to play. The king of pop as he is also known as did receive 13 Grammy awards, 26 American music awards and 13 number one singles in the United States.

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Song title Type Rating
Another part of meGuitar chords
Beat itGuitar tabs
Beat itBass tabs
Beat itGuitar chords
Beat it (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Beat it (Ver2)Guitar chords
BenGuitar chords
BenGuitar tabs
Billie jeanGuitar chords
Billie jeanGuitar tabs
Billie jeanGuitar intro
Billie jeanBass tabs
Billie jean (Ver2)Guitar chords
Billie jean (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Billie jean acousticGuitar chords
Billie jean acousticGuitar tabs
Billy jeanBass tabs
Black or whiteGuitar chords
Black or whiteGuitar tabs
Black or whiteBass tabs
Black or white (Ver2)Guitar chords
Blue gangstaGuitar chords
Butterflies acousticGuitar chords
ChicagoGuitar chords
Come and get meGuitar solo
Come togetherGuitar tabs
CryGuitar chords
Dangerous albumGuitar chords
Dirty dianaGuitar tabs
Do you know where your children areGuitar chords
Don't stop till you get enoughGuitar tabs
Don't walk awayGuitar chords
Earth songGuitar chords
Earth songGuitar tabs
Earth song ukuleleGuitar chords
FreeGuitar chords
Get on The FloorBass tabs
Give in To MeGuitar tabs
Give in To MeGuitar chords
Give in To Me (Ver2)Guitar chords
Give into meGuitar tabs
Gone too soonGuitar chords
Got to be thereGuitar chords
Happy birthday lisaGuitar chords
Heal the worldGuitar chords
Heal the worldGuitar solo
Heal the world (Ver2)Guitar chords
Heal the world ukuleleGuitar chords
HeartbreakerGuitar chords
Human natureGuitar chords
I can't help itGuitar chords
I just can't stop loving youGuitar chords
I wanna be where you areGuitar chords
I wanna be where you are (Ver2)Guitar chords
Ill be thereGuitar chords
Ill be thereGuitar tabs
Keep the faithGuitar chords
Little susieGuitar chords
Little susie (Ver2)Guitar chords
Love never felt so goodGuitar chords
Love never felt so goodBass tabs
Love never felt so good acousticGuitar chords
Man in The MirrorGuitar chords
Man in The Mirror (Ver2)Guitar chords
MorphineGuitar tabs
Much too soonGuitar chords
Music and meGuitar chords
One Day in Your LifeGuitar chords
One more chanceGuitar tabs
One more chanceGuitar chords
Price of fameGuitar chords
Pyt pretty young thingGuitar chords
Remember the timeGuitar chords
Rock with youGuitar chords
Rock with youBass tabs
Rock with you (Ver2)Guitar chords
Scared of the moonGuitar chords
Shes out of my lifeGuitar chords
Shes out of my life (Ver2)Guitar chords
Slave to the rhythmGuitar chords
Slave to the rythymGuitar chords
SmileGuitar chords
Smooth criminalGuitar chords
Smooth criminalGuitar tabs
Smooth criminal (Ver2)Guitar chords
SpeechlessGuitar tabs
SpeechlessGuitar chords
Speed demonGuitar tabs
State of shockGuitar intro
Stranger in MoscowGuitar chords
The Lady in My LifeGuitar chords
The lost childrenGuitar chords
The way you make me feelGuitar tabs
The way you make me feelGuitar chords
They don't care about usGuitar tabs
This is itGuitar intro
This is it acousticGuitar chords

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