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Halestorm is a hard rock band from Pensylvania, USA. Their debut album was released in 2009. Lzzy Hale is the band's charismatic front woman, singer and guitarist. Her sibling Arejay Hale plays drums.

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Song title Type Rating
AmenGuitar tabs
AmenBass tabs
American boysGuitar tabs
ApocalypticGuitar chords
ApocalypticGuitar tabs
Apocalyptic (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Bad girl's worldGuitar tabs
Bad romanceGuitar tabs
Bad romanceGuitar chords
Beautiful with youGuitar chords
Bet you wish you had me backGuitar chords
Better sorry than safeGuitar chords
Conversation overGuitar tabs
Daughters of darknessGuitar tabs
Dear daughterGuitar chords
Dear daughter (Ver2)Guitar chords
Don't know how to stopGuitar tabs
Empire state of mindGuitar chords
Familiar taste of poisonGuitar tabs
Familiar taste of poisonGuitar chords
Familiar taste of posionGuitar chords
Hate it when you see me cryGuitar chords
Heres to usGuitar chords
Heres to usGuitar tabs
Heres to us (Ver2)Guitar chords
I am the fireGuitar chords
I am the fireGuitar tabs
I am the fire (Ver2)Guitar intro
I get offGuitar tabs
I get offGuitar chords
I like it heavyGuitar chords
I miss the miseryGuitar tabs
I miss the miseryGuitar chords
I'm not an angelGuitar tabs
In your roomGuitar chords
InnocenceGuitar tabs
Its not youGuitar tabs
Love bites so do iGuitar intro
Love hate heartbreakGuitar chords
Love hate heartbreakBass tabs
Mz hydeGuitar tabs
Mz hydeGuitar chords
New modern loveGuitar tabs
New modern love acousticGuitar chords
Out ta get meGuitar tabs
PiecesGuitar tabs
Private partsGuitar chords
Private partsGuitar tabs
Rock showGuitar chords
Rock show introGuitar chords
Rose in DecemberGuitar chords
Slave to the grindGuitar tabs
Tell me where it hurtsGuitar chords
The reckoningGuitar chords
UlapGuitar chords
UnapologeticGuitar chords
Unbreakable promisesGuitar chords
What sober couldn't sayGuitar chords
What were you expectingGuitar tabs
You call me a bitch like its a bad thingGuitar chords
You call me a bitch like its a bad thingGuitar tabs