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David Guetta chords and tabs

David Guetta tabs and chords

Pierre David Guetta, one of the best DJs in the world is known professionally as David Guetta. He is a French house music DJ and producer. Below is David Guetta tabs and chords for songs like Alphabeat and Titanium. While we give you all the David Guetta chords and tabs, the official webpage is at

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Song title Type Rating
AlphabeatGuitar tabs
Baby when the lightGuitar chords
BadGuitar chords
Bang my headGuitar chords
Blast offGuitar tabs
Blast off introGuitar tabs
DangerousGuitar chords
DangerousGuitar tabs
Dangerous acousticGuitar chords
Dangerous introGuitar tabs
Hey mamaGuitar chords
Hey mama soloGuitar tabs
Just one last timeGuitar chords
Just one last time acousticGuitar chords
ListenGuitar chords
Little bad girlGuitar chords
Love don't let me goGuitar chords
Love takes overGuitar intro
Lovers on The SunGuitar chords
Lovers on The SunGuitar tabs
Lovers on The Sun IntroGuitar tabs
MemoriesGuitar chords
Memories (Ver2)Guitar chords
Play hardGuitar chords
RepeatGuitar chords
RiseGuitar chords
She wolf falling to piecesGuitar chords
The whispererGuitar chords
This one's for youGuitar chords
This ones for youGuitar chords
TitaniumGuitar chords
TitaniumGuitar tabs
Titanium (Ver2)Guitar chords
Titanium (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Titanium (Ver3)Guitar chords
Titanium (Ver3)Guitar tabs
Titanium ukuleleGuitar chords
Toy storyGuitar intro
Turn me onGuitar chords
What I did for loveGuitar chords
When love takes overGuitar chords
When love takes over acousticGuitar tabs
Where them girls atGuitar chords
Without youGuitar chords
Without youGuitar tabs
Without you (Ver2)Guitar chords