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Most popular songs by Editors: Forgiveness Acoustic, No Sound But The Wind, Nothing Acoustic, Ocean Of Night, The Phone Book (ver2).

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Song title Type Rating
A life as a ghostGuitar tabs
A thousand piecesGuitar chords
A ton of loveGuitar chords
An end has a start acousticGuitar chords
Bird of preyGuitar chords
BloodGuitar chords
Bones acousticGuitar chords
CameraBass tabs
ColoursBass tabs
ColoursGuitar chords
Crawl down the wallGuitar chords
Dust in The SunlightGuitar tabs
Eat raw meat - blood drool acousticGuitar tabs
Eat raw meet - blood drool acousticGuitar chords
Eat raw meet blood drool acousticGuitar chords
Every little pieceGuitar chords
Find yourself a safe placeGuitar tabs
Forgiveness acousticGuitar tabs
FormaldehydeBass tabs
Formaldehyde acousticGuitar chords
HumanGuitar solo
Hyena accousticGuitar chords
I buried the devilGuitar intro
I want a forestGuitar intro
Life is a fear acousticGuitar chords
LightsGuitar chords
Like treasureGuitar chords
Like treasure introGuitar tabs
LullabyGuitar tabs
LullabyBass tabs
Marching ordersGuitar chords
Marching ordersBass tabs
MunichGuitar tabs
No harmGuitar chords
No sound but the windGuitar chords
Nothing acousticGuitar chords
Ocean of nightGuitar chords
Open your armsBass tabs
PapillonBass tabs
PapillonGuitar tabs
Papillon acousticGuitar tabs
Phone book ver2Guitar chords
SalvationGuitar chords
SparksGuitar tabs
SpidersGuitar tabs
The boxerGuitar tabs
The boxerGuitar chords
The phone bookGuitar chords
The phone book (Ver2)Guitar chords
The phone book liveGuitar tabs
These streets are still home to meGuitar chords
Two hearted spiderGuitar chords
Two hearted spidersBass tabs
Walk the fleet roadGuitar chords