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Forever Young by Bob Dylan

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Note:  I've found the chords of the song, and like I does always I tried to play
it with the chords that on the site to see if I did it well, and I found that
the chords that are already here are not feet with my version, and I thought
that maybe I listened to another version of the song, so I decided to put my
version to, for people like me that listened to this particular version wich I
think it is great.


           D chord diagramDD
May God bless...
          F#m chord diagramF#mF#m/C# chord diagramC#C#
May your wishes...
            Bm chord diagramBmBm
May you always...
           D chord diagramDD           A chord diagramAA
And let others ...

          D chord diagramDD
May you build...
     F#m chord diagramF#mF#m
And climb...

              G chord diagramGG      A chord diagramAA
And may you stay...


A chord diagramAA          D chord diagramDD    D chord diagramDD
forever young,
         A chord diagramAA      A chord diagramAA
Forever young,
         Bm chord diagramBmBm
Forever young,
          D chord diagramDD   A chord diagramAA         D chord diagramDD
May you stay,  forever young

The rest of the song  have the same structure: verse and then chorus and
and chorus till it ends.

(originally from Planet Waves, 1973.)
Hope you liked it, I think it is a really great song.
Any comments will be received
willingly on e-mail:
Thank you very much Itamar.

The End                                                  The End

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