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Lana Del Rey chords and tabs

Lana Del Rey tabs and chords

Lana Del Rey was born in New York City in 1986, but grew up in Lake Placid. Lana Del Rey is her stage name; her real name is a bit less glamorous: Elizabeth Grant. After being involved in drugs and alcohol she was sent to a boarding school in Connecticut. She later attended a University in NYC before dropping out to prioritize her musical career. Use our collection of great Lana Del Rey guitar chords and tabs to play her music.

Lana Del Rey released her first full album, Lana Del Rey a.k.a. LIzzy Grant, in 2010. Her second album “Born To Die” was released in October 2011 and brought her commercial success and fame. The now immensely popular “Video Games” was the first single from her debut album, and it was this single that propelled her success. Lana Del Rey describes herself as a gangsta Nancy Sinatra. Her sound and style has been compared to the mood from the Twin Peaks series, some critics saying that this is how Audrey Horne would sound like if she released and album! Lana herself lists Elvis, Kurt Cobain and Britney Spears as artists who has influenced her music.

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Song title Type Rating
1949Guitar chords
1949 (Ver2)Guitar chords
24Guitar chords
All you needGuitar chords
AmericanGuitar chords
Angels foreverGuitar chords
Art decoGuitar chords
Art deco (Ver2)Guitar chords
Back to the basicsGuitar chords
BackfireGuitar chords
Bad diseaseGuitar chords
Beautiful playerGuitar chords
Bel airGuitar chords
Bel airGuitar chords
Bel airGuitar tabs
Big eyesGuitar chords
Black beautyGuitar chords
BlizzardGuitar chords
Blue jeansGuitar chords
Blue jeansBass tabs
Blue jeans (Ver2)Guitar chords
Blue velvetGuitar chords
Body electricGuitar chords
Born to dieGuitar chords
Born to dieGuitar intro
Born to die (ver2)Guitar chords
Born to die (Ver2)Guitar tabs
Born to die (Ver3)Guitar chords
Breaking my heartGuitar chords
Brooklyn babyGuitar tabs
Brooklyn babyGuitar chords
Brooklyn baby (Ver2)Guitar chords
Burnt nortonGuitar chords
CarmenGuitar chords
CarmenBass tabs
Carmen (Ver2)Guitar chords
Carmen (Ver3)Guitar chords
Chelsea hotel no 2Guitar chords
Cherry blossomGuitar chords
Children of the bad revolutionGuitar chords
Cruel worldGuitar chords
Cruel worldGuitar tabs
Damn youGuitar chords
Dangerous girlGuitar chords
Dangerous girl (Ver2)Guitar chords
Dark paradiseGuitar chords
Dark paradise (Ver2)Guitar chords
Dark paradise (Ver3)Guitar chords
Diet mountain dewGuitar chords
Diet mtn dewGuitar chords
Diet mtn dew (Ver2)Guitar chords
Don't let me be misunderstoodGuitar chords
Driving in Cars With BoysGuitar chords
Every man gets his wishGuitar chords
Find my own wayGuitar chords
Florida kilosGuitar chords
Florida kilosGuitar intro
For k part 1Guitar chords
For k part 1 (Ver2)Guitar chords
For k part 2Guitar chords
Fordham roadGuitar chords
FreakGuitar chords
Freak (Ver2)Guitar chords
Fucked my way up to the topGuitar chords
Fucked my way up to the top (Ver2)Guitar chords
Get drunkGuitar tabs
Get drunkGuitar chords
Get drunk (Ver2)Guitar tabs
God knows I triedGuitar chords
God knows I triedGuitar tabs
God knows I tried (Ver2)Guitar chords
Gods and monstersGuitar chords
Gogo dancerGuitar chords
Goodbye kissGuitar chords
High by the beachGuitar chords
High by the beach (Ver2)Guitar chords
Hit and runGuitar tabs
Hit and runGuitar chords
HoneymoonGuitar chords
Honeymoon (Ver2)Guitar chords
Honeymoon albumGuitar chords
Hundred dollar bill acousticGuitar chords
I can flyGuitar chords
In wendyGuitar chords
Is this happinessGuitar chords
JfkGuitar chords
Jimmy gneccoGuitar chords
Jimmy neccoGuitar chords
JumpGuitar tabs
Kinda outta luckGuitar chords
Last Girl on EarthGuitar chords
LolitaGuitar chords
Lucky onesGuitar chords
Meet Me in The Pale MoonlightGuitar chords
Mermaid motelGuitar chords
Million dollar manGuitar chords
Million dollar man (Ver2)Guitar chords

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