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What Kinda Gone by Chris Cagle

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intro: E chord diagramEE


   E chord diagramEE
  I heard the door slam, and i couldn't tell

                                                A chord diagramAA      E chord diagramEE
  was it just the wind, or was she mad again all hell shes gettin in her car.

   E chord diagramEE
  I hallerd baby is there something wrong

                                                A chord diagramAA
  tought i heard her say something sounded like im gone

   B chord diagramBB                                     A chord diagramAA
  but these days gone can mean so many things


    E chord diagramEE
   cause theres gone for good and theres good and gone

    B chord diagramBB                                A chord diagramAA
   theres gone with a long before it i wish you been just a little more clear

    E chord diagramEE
   theres gone for the day and gone for the night

    B chord diagramBB                                       A chord diagramAA
   gone for the rest of your dog gone life is it whiskey night or just a couple beers

    A chord diagramAA                                B chord diagramBB             E chord diagramEE
   i mean what kind of gone are we talkin about here

The End                                                  The End

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