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"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" by The Beatles

The Beatles guitar tabs for Lucy in the sky with diamonds
Album: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Written by : John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Tabbed by: Max Perenchio (
Tuning: Standard
Notes: I THINK the main verse is a hammond organ. Im not sure, so ill tab it
for the guitar anyways, thats how i play it.
During the prechorus there is some HEAVY bending

note: to get the kinda sound that the hammond organ makes, well what i do
anyways is have flagner pedal with low batteries (yep) set on high depth but
low rate.

E chord diagramEE-------12---12---------12----10p9--R
B chord diagramBB----10--------10----10-----------9-E chord diagramEE
G chord diagramGG--9-------12------11-------10------P
D chord diagramDD-----------------------------------E chord diagramEE
A chord diagramAA-----------------------------------A chord diagramAA
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------T
E chord diagramEE-------12---12---------12---8------8--8--
B chord diagramBB----10--------10----10------10--10----10-
G chord diagramGG--9-------12------11---------------------
D chord diagramDD-----------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA-----------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------------
repeat that then

///PRECHORUS\\\I know this is an electric guitar, with flanger pedal i
E chord diagramEE---------------------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB------hold bend while plucking------hold bend------
G chord diagramGG--5^fb--5-----5-----5-----5---5rb--5^fb--5--5--5rb-
D chord diagramDD---------------------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA---------------------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE---------------------------------------------------
 "cell-o-phane       flow-ers    of yellow and green...etc"

E chord diagramEE---------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB--------h-o-l-d--b-e-n-d---------------
G chord diagramGG--5^fb--5-----5-----5-----5---5rb--3---
D chord diagramDD---------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA---------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE---------------------------------------
  "towering    over      your      head...etc"

E chord diagramEE------------------------------------------
B chord diagramBB----------h-o-l-d--b-e-n-d----------------
G chord diagramGG--5^fb--5-----5-----5----5----5---5rb-4\2-
D chord diagramDD------------------------------------------
A chord diagramAA------------------------------------------
E chord diagramEE------------------------------------------
"............................... and shes gone"


///CHORUS\\\-Some people write the chords, but actually there arent any
chords at all, just a quiet lead part that kind of gets muffled from the
blasting keyboards during this part. If you listen to it with headphones its
SIMPLE to hear. So about it, i put the chords to, just in case you want it to
sound fuller. Leave the Flanger on, but i think the RATE speeds up a bit.
    G chord diagramGG      C chord diagramCC       D chord diagramDD
E chord diagramEE-----------------------------------
B chord diagramBB-----------------------------------
G chord diagramGG-----------------------------------
D chord diagramDD-------------0-2-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
A chord diagramAA-------0-2-3-----------------------
E chord diagramEE---3-3-----------------------------

thats all the parts in the song

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