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Most popular songs by Anthrax: Monsterattheend, Breathing Lightning, Breathing Lightning, Blood Eagle Wings, N F B.

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Song title Type Rating
Adi horror of it allGuitar tabs
Among the livingGuitar tabs
AntisocialGuitar tabs
Antisocial acousticGuitar chords
Any place but hereGuitar tabs
BareGuitar chords
Blood eagle wingsGuitar intro
Breathing lightningGuitar tabs
Breathing lightningBass tabs
Bring the noiseBass tabs
Bring the noiseGuitar tabs
Caught in A MoshBass tabs
Caught in A MoshGuitar tabs
Chromatic deathGuitar tabs
Drop the ballGuitar tabs
Friggin in The RigginGuitar tabs
H8 redGuitar tabs
I am the lawGuitar tabs
I'm aliveGuitar intro
I'm the manGuitar tabs
In the endGuitar tabs
IndiansGuitar tabs
Intro to realityGuitar tabs
Lone justiceGuitar tabs
MadhouseBass tabs
MadhouseGuitar tabs
MadhouseGuitar intro
MedusaGuitar tabs
MilkGuitar tabs
Monster at The EndGuitar intro
N f bGuitar chords
Nice fuckin balladGuitar tabs
OnlyGuitar tabs
PanicGuitar tabs
PiecesGuitar tabs
PiecesGuitar chords
Protest and surviveGuitar chords
Random acts of senseless violenceBass tabs
Startin up a posseGuitar tabs
Stealing from a thiefGuitar tabs
SuperheroGuitar tabs
The constantGuitar tabs
What doesn't dieGuitar tabs
Who cares winsGuitar tabs