Retail Therapy by Karen Zoid

Retail Therapy chords by Karen Zoid

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Key: D

Verse 1:
 D       C     D
I like this
I don't like that
 D         C    D
I like

I like
I told you that
 D            C   D
I went to the waterfront, the VNA
 D               C  D
Going over the limit makes me feel ok
 D               C  G
And that's when I saw that dress
 D                C       G
You can still feel special with twenty percent less
 D           C    G
My fridge is empty my hairs a mess
 D          C    G
I need to go shopping to destress
 D       C  G
I need new jeans mhm should I go to guess mhm
 D       C     G  D           C   G
Pep stores agh no just because it's right next to Joshua Doores
 D        C    G
Two year two year guarantee
 D        C       G
Two year two year you promised me
Two year two year

Hey listen can you come to here cause I want to talk to you come to here

Verse 2:
     D          C       G
Naai man don't be so drastic sounding quite spastic
 D                C    G
When I pull out my plastic I'm feeling fantastic
 D             C G
Yesi that lounge sweet hey
 D       C G
Yas what a find
And then she said
 C     G    D          C     G
Declined, declined, declined, declined, declined, declined
 D       C
Oh say it once again
 G      D
Say it twice oh
 G       C   A     D
Where my money went I just don't know
  G       D
I have to pay the rent
 G        D
Where am I gonna go
 G       C    A     D
I don't have a cent I just don't know

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