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Ysabelle Cuevas guitar chords for A love so beautiful

A Love So Beautiful chords

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A Love So Beautiful chords by Ysabelle Cuevas

Guitar chords with lyrics

  • Tuning: Standard tuning
  • Difficulty: Intermediate



             Eb chord diagramEbEb
I like your eyes, you look away
            Cm chord diagramCmCm
when you pretend not to care
            Fm chord diagramFmFm
I like the dimples on the corners
        Bb chord diagramBbBb
of the smile that you wear
            Gm chord diagramGmGm
I like you more the world may know
      C chord diagramCC
but don’t be scared
            Fm chord diagramFmFm
’cause I’m falling deeper,
     Bb chord diagramBbBb
baby be prepared

            Eb chord diagramEbEb
I like you shirt, I like your fingers,
         Cm chord diagramCmCm
love the way that you smell
            Fm chord diagramFmFm
to be your favorite jacket
                 Bb chord diagramBbBb
just so I could always be near
                Gm chord diagramGmGm
I’ve loved you for so long
               C chord diagramCC
sometimes it’s hard to bear
           Fm chord diagramFmFm
But after all this time,
            Bb chord diagramBbBb
I hope you wait and see


 Eb chord diagramEbEb                     Bb chord diagramBbBb
Love you every minute, every second
 Cm chord diagramCmCm                      Gm chord diagramGmGm
Love you everywhere, and any moment
 Ab chord diagramAbAb
Always and forever,
Bb chord diagramBbBb
I know, I can’t quit you ’cause
Fm chord diagramFmFm
baby you’re the one.
Bb chord diagramBbBb
I don’t know how...
   Eb chord diagramEbEb                        Bb chord diagramBbBb
I love you ’til the last of snow disappears
   Cm chord diagramCmCm                    Gm chord diagramGmGm
I love you ’til a rainy day becomes clear
 Ab chord diagramAbAb                     Eb chord diagramEbEb
Never know a love like this,

now I can’t let go
Fm chord diagramFmFm                     Bb chord diagramBbBb             Eb chord diagramEbEb
I’m in love with you, and now you know

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