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Neil Young tabs for Hey hey my my

Guitar tabs with lyrics

In article <1994Mar18.131551.7722@news.uit.no> frodef@stud.cs.uit.no (Frode Vatvedt Fjeld) writes:
>In article <2mambn$gnv@sun0.elon.edu>, VETTERS@VAX1.ELON.EDU (Steve Vetter  ) writes:
>|> Ok It's at nevada but here you go....
>|> riff:
>|> D--------0--0----------
>|> A--0-2-3------3-2-0----
>|> riff 2 (right after riff 1)
>|> d--------0--0h2p0------
>|> A--0-2-3----------3-2-0
>Are you sure it's not like this :
>riff 1:
>riff 2:
	I agree with the second version here. And, (just to add to the
confusion), I think there's a third riff I've heard that works off the A chord diagramC majorC
chord in the song. Like this:

riff 3:
	If you've got another guitarist around, one guy can play the
riffs while the other does the A chord diagramA minorAm -G-F-Am, C-Am-F chords. Hope this

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