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Plantman by Young Gary

Chords with lyrics

"Plant Man" by Gary Young
                             from the CD "Hospital"
                         transcribed by Wesley Torres
                             [email protected]

This is in a swing type fast 6/8 using an acousic guitar or two.

It's really simple just Chord diagramG+G Chord diagramG+G Chord diagramC majorC Chord diagramC majorC Chord diagramA augmentedA Chord diagramA augmentedA Chord diagramD MajorD Chord diagramD MajorD
like this for the verse


and the chorus just goes


Plant-Man   (drum fill)
a couple of times then it just repeats and stuff

Then there's a solo which is basically just him making a lot of funky noises
with the guitar.  It's not very musical sounding :)
       ( o o )   Wesley Torres - [email protected]
                  "Duct tape is a lot like the force.  It
   .oooO          has a light side and a dark side and it
   (   )   Oooo.    holds the universe together."
+---\ (----(   )------------------------------------------+
     \_)    ) /
           (_/     for fan club and mailing list info

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