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Trisha Yearwood chords and tabs

Trisha Yearwood tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Trisha Yearwood. Learn songs like Believe Me Baby I Lied, How Do I Live, I'll Still Love You More, Not A Bad Thing and Shes In Love With The Boy easy.

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Song title Type
Away In A MangerGuitar Chords
Baby Don't You Let GoGuitar Chords
Believe Me Baby I LiedGuitar Chords
Blue BeyondGuitar Chords
Bring Me All Your LovinGuitar Chords
Come Back When It Ain't RaininGuitar Chords
Every Girl In This TownGuitar Chords
Every Girl In This Town (Ver2)Guitar Chords
FairytaleGuitar Chords
Fools Like MeGuitar Chords
For A WhileGuitar Chords
Georgia RainGuitar Chords
Harmless HeartGuitar Chords
Heart Like A Sad SongGuitar Chords
Hello I'm GoneGuitar Chords
Here Comes TemptationGuitar Chords
How Do I LiveGuitar Chords
How Do I Live (Ver2)Guitar Chords
I Dare You To LoveGuitar Chords
I Don't Fall In Love So EasyGuitar Chords
I Don't Paint Myself Into Corners AnymoreGuitar Chords
I Need YouGuitar Chords
I Wanna Go Too FarGuitar Chords
I Want To Live AgainGuitar Chords
I Would've Loved You AnywayGuitar Chords
I'll Still Love You MoreGuitar Chords
I'm Still AliveGuitar Chords
I'm Still Alive You're GoneGuitar Chords
Its AlrightGuitar Chords
Like We Never HadGuitar Chords
Like We Never Had (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Little HerculesGuitar Chords
Love You AnywayGuitar Chords
Melancholy BlueGuitar Chords
Mr RadioGuitar Chords
Nearest Distant ShoreGuitar Chords
Not A Bad ThingGuitar Chords
Oh Lonesome YouGuitar Chords
Perfect LoveGuitar Chords
PistolGuitar Chords
Powerful ThingGuitar Chords
River Of YouGuitar Chords
Second ChanceGuitar Chords
She's In Love With The BoyGuitar Chords
Take A Walk Through BethlehemGuitar Chords
That Ain't The Way I Heard ItGuitar Chords
That's What I Like About YouGuitar Chords
The NightingaleGuitar Chords
The Whisper Of Your HeartGuitar Chords
The Woman Before MeGuitar Chords
There Goes My BabyGuitar Chords
They Call It Falling For A ReasonGuitar Chords
Thinkin About YouGuitar Chords
This Is Me Your Talking ToGuitar Chords
This Is Me You're Talking ToGuitar Chords
Those Words We SaidGuitar Chords
Try MeGuitar Chords
Trying To Love YouGuitar Chords
Under The RainbowGuitar Chords
Victim Of The GameGuitar Chords
Walkaway JoeGuitar Chords
Walkaway Joe (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Where Your Road LeadsGuitar Chords
Who Invented The WheelGuitar Chords
Woman Walk The LineGuitar Chords
Wouldn't Any WomanGuitar Chords
Wrong Side Of MemphisGuitar Chords
You Can Sleep While I DriveGuitar Chords