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Yeah Yeah Yeahs chords and tabs

Yeah Yeah Yeahs tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Learn songs like Isis, Mysteries, Runaway (Ver2), Skeletons and Subway easy.

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Song title Type
10 X 10Guitar Tabs
Art StarGuitar Tabs
BangGuitar Tabs
Black TongueGuitar Chords
Black TongueGuitar Tabs
BurningGuitar Chords
Cheated HeartsGuitar Tabs
Cold NightGuitar Tabs
CountdownGuitar Chords
CountdownGuitar Tabs
Date With The NightBass Tabs
Date With The NightGuitar Tabs
Date With The Night1Guitar Tabs
Deja VuGuitar Chords
Deja VuGuitar Tabs
DespairGuitar Chords
Down BoyGuitar Chords
Down BoyGuitar Tabs
DudleyGuitar Chords
DudleyGuitar Tabs
DuetGuitar Chords
Dull LifeGuitar Chords
Dull LifeGuitar Tabs
FancyGuitar Tabs
Gold LionBass Tabs
Gold LionGuitar Chords
Gold LionGuitar Tabs
GraveyardGuitar Tabs
Heads Will RollGuitar Chords
Heads Will RollGuitar Tabs
Hello TomorrowGuitar Chords
HoneybearGuitar Chords
HoneybearGuitar Tabs
HyperballadGuitar Chords
HystericGuitar Chords
HystericGuitar Tabs
Hysteric AcousticGuitar Chords
IsisGuitar Tabs
Kiss KissGuitar Tabs
Let Me KnowGuitar Chords
Little ShadowGuitar Chords
Little ShadowGuitar Tabs
MachineBass Tabs
MapsBass Tabs
MapsGuitar Chords
MapsGuitar Tabs
Maps AcousticGuitar Chords
Maps AcousticGuitar Tabs
Miles AwayGuitar Tabs
Modern RomanceBass Tabs
Modern RomanceGuitar Chords
Modern RomanceGuitar Tabs
Modern ThingsGuitar Tabs
Mr You're On Fire MrGuitar Tabs
MysteriesGuitar Chords
MysteriesGuitar Tabs
Mystery GirlGuitar Chords
Mystery GirlGuitar Tabs
No No NoGuitar Tabs
On BoardGuitar Tabs
Our TimeGuitar Chords
Our TimeGuitar Tabs
PhenomenaGuitar Tabs
PinGuitar Tabs
PinsGuitar Tabs
Poor SongGuitar Chords
Poor SongGuitar Tabs
Poor Song (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
PorcelainGuitar Chords
RichGuitar Tabs
RunawayGuitar Chords
Runaway (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Runaway UkuleleGuitar Chords
SacrilegeGuitar Chords
SealingsGuitar Tabs
Shame And FortuneGuitar Tabs
Sheena Is A Punk RockerGuitar Tabs
SkeletonsGuitar Solo
SlaveBass Tabs
SlaveGuitar Tabs
Soft Shock AcousticGuitar Chords
Spitting Off The Edge Of The WorldGuitar Chords
SubwayGuitar Chords
SweetsGuitar Chords
TickGuitar Chords
TickGuitar Tabs
Turn IntoGuitar Chords
WarriorGuitar Chords
WarriorGuitar Tabs
Way OutGuitar Tabs
Wedding SongGuitar Chords
Y ControlBass Tabs
Y ControlGuitar Tabs
Yeah New YorkGuitar Chords
Yeah New YorkGuitar Tabs
ZeroGuitar Chords