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Yano chords and tabs

Yano tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Yano. Learn songs like Dong Abay-perpekto, Esem, Esem, Paalam Sampaguita and Tsinelas easy.

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Song title Type
AskalGuitar Chords
Banal Na AsoGuitar Tabs
Banal Na Aso Santong KabayoBass Tabs
Banal Na Aso Santong KabayoGuitar Chords
Banal Na Aso Santong KabayoGuitar Tabs
Dios-diosanGuitar Chords
Dong Abay-perpektoGuitar Chords
Dong Abay-perpektoGuitar Tabs
EsemBass Tabs
EsemGuitar Chords
EsemGuitar Tabs
HallelujahGuitar Chords
Iskolar Ng BayanGuitar Chords
KakaGuitar Chords
Kaka UkuleleGuitar Chords
Kamusta NaGuitar Tabs
Kumusta NaGuitar Chords
Kumusta Na UkuleleGuitar Chords
MercyGuitar Chords
NaroonGuitar Chords
Paalam SampaguitaGuitar Chords
Paalam SampaguitaGuitar Tabs
Paalam Sampaguita UkuleleGuitar Chords
PeraGuitar Chords
PerpektoGuitar Chords
SentiGuitar Chords
SentiGuitar Tabs
TrapoGuitar Chords
TsinelasGuitar Chords
TsinelasGuitar Tabs
Uskolar Ng BayanGuitar Tabs