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The Xx chords and tabs

The Xx tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Xx. Learn songs like Basic Space, Night Time, On Hold, Reconsider and Swept Away easy.

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Song title Type
AngelsGuitar Tabs
Basic SpaceGuitar Tabs
Basic Space LiveGuitar Tabs
Brave For YouGuitar Chords
ChainedBass Tabs
ChainedGuitar Chords
CrystalisedBass Tabs
CrystalisedGuitar Chords
CrystalisedGuitar Tabs
Crystalised AccousticGuitar Tabs
CrystalizedGuitar Intro
DangerousBass Tabs
Dangerous UkuleleGuitar Chords
FinallyGuitar Tabs
Heart Skipped A BeatGuitar Tabs
Hot Like FireBass Tabs
I Dare YouGuitar Chords
I Dare YouGuitar Tabs
IntroGuitar Tabs
IslandsGuitar Tabs
LipsGuitar Chords
LipsGuitar Tabs
Loud PlacesGuitar Chords
NaiveGuitar Chords
Night TimeGuitar Tabs
On HoldBass Tabs
On HoldGuitar Chords
Open EyesGuitar Tabs
PerformanceGuitar Chords
ReconsiderGuitar Chords
ReconsiderGuitar Tabs
ReplicaGuitar Chords
ReunionGuitar Chords
Say Something LovingGuitar Chords
Seasons RunGuitar Chords
ShelterGuitar Chords
ShelterGuitar Tabs
StarsGuitar Chords
SunsetGuitar Chords
SunsetGuitar Tabs
Swept AwayGuitar Chords
TeardropsGuitar Tabs
Test MeGuitar Chords
TidesGuitar Tabs
Violent NoiseGuitar Chords