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XTC chords and tabs

XTC tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by XTC. Learn songs like Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead, Burning With Optimisms Flames, Generals and Majors, Living Through Another Cuba and Summers Cauldron easy.

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Song title Type
1000 UmbrellasGuitar Chords
1000 Umbrellas UkuleleGuitar Chords
All Along The Watch TowerGuitar Chords
All Of A SuddenGuitar Chords
All Of A SuddenGuitar Tabs
All You Pretty GirlsGuitar Chords
Ball And ChainGuitar Chords
Ballad For A Rainy DayGuitar Chords
Ballad Of Peter PumpkinheadGuitar Chords
Books Are BurningGuitar Chords
Burning With Optimisms FlamesGuitar Chords
Chalkhills And ChildrenGuitar Chords
CrocodileGuitar Chords
Dear GodGuitar Chords
Dear GodGuitar Tabs
Dear Madam BarnumGuitar Chords
Desert IslandGuitar Chords
Earn Enough For UsGuitar Chords
EverythingGuitar Chords
Generals And MajorsBass Tabs
Generals And MajorsGuitar Chords
Great FireGuitar Chords
Harvest FestivalGuitar Chords
HelicopterGuitar Tabs
Holly Up On PoppyGuitar Chords
Holly Up On PoppyGuitar Tabs
Humble DaisyGuitar Chords
I'd Like ThatGuitar Chords
Jason And The ArgonautsBass Tabs
King For A DayGuitar Chords
King For A Day (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Life Begins At The HopGuitar Chords
LimelightBass Tabs
Living Through Another CubaBass Tabs
Making Plans For NigelBass Tabs
Making Plans For NigelGuitar Chords
My Bird PerformsGuitar Tabs
My Bird Performs (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
My Train Is CallingGuitar Chords
New Town Animal In A Furnished CageGuitar Chords
No Language In Our LungsGuitar Chords
No Thugs In Our HouseBass Tabs
No Thugs In Our HouseGuitar Chords
Officer BlueBass Tabs
Radios In MotionBass Tabs
Real By ReelBass Tabs
Red Brick DreamGuitar Chords
Respectable StreetGuitar Chords
Roads Girdle The GlobeBass Tabs
Roads Girdle The GlobeGuitar Tabs
Say ItGuitar Chords
Scissor ManBass Tabs
Scissor ManGuitar Chords
Scissor ManGuitar Tabs
Senses Working OvertimeGuitar Chords
Senses Working Overtime (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Sgt Rock Is Going To Help MeGuitar Chords
Sgt Rock Is Going To Help MeGuitar Tabs
SnowmanGuitar Chords
Standing In For JoeGuitar Chords
Summers CauldronGuitar Chords
Ten Feet TallBass Tabs
Ten Feet TallGuitar Chords
Thanks For ChristmasGuitar Chords
That's Really Super SupergirlGuitar Chords
The Ballad Of PeterGuitar Chords
The Ballad Of PeterGuitar Tabs
The Ballad Of Peter PumpkinheadGuitar Chords
The Ballad Of Peter PumpmkinheadGuitar Chords
The Everyday Story Of SmalltownGuitar Chords
The Last BalloonGuitar Chords
The LovingBass Tabs
The LovingGuitar Chords
The Mayor Of SimpletonBass Tabs
The Mayor Of SimpletonGuitar Chords
The Mayor Of SimpletonGuitar Tabs
The SomnambulistBass Tabs
Then She AppearedGuitar Tabs
Towers Of LondonBass Tabs
Towers Of LondonGuitar Chords
ToysGuitar Chords
When You're Near Me I Have DifficultyGuitar Chords
Where Did The Ordinary People GoGuitar Chords
Wounded HorseGuitar Chords
Wrapped In GreyGuitar Chords
X WiresBass Tabs
Your DictionaryGuitar Chords