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The Who guitar chords for Imagine a man

Guitar chords

Imagine a Man
By the Who
>From The Who By Numbers, 1975
Written by Pete Townshend

Capo on 2

A chord diagramBB       x2444(2)
B7sus2  x27422  and x27472  (alt: x24222)
E/B     x2645x (also E6/B  x2642x)
Em/B    x2545x (also Em6/B x2542x)
A chord diagramAsus2Asus2   5x2425
A chord diagramC# minorC#m     x46654
A chord diagramD#mD#m     x68876
A chord diagramE MajorE       xx2454
A chord diagramBMaj7Bmaj7   x28872

  A chord diagramBB          B7sus2     E/B        Em/B

  A chord diagramBB          B7sus2     E/B        Em6/B

|B            |B7sus2
Imagine a man
     |E/B          |Em/B
Not a child ...
                    |B          |B7sus2  |E6/B   |Em6/B   |
But a plain man ...

Imagine the ...

Imagine a ...

Imagine a ...

   |A2 |B   |C#m|D#m|E   |   |   |
And you will ...
A chord diagramE MajorE               |B    |E/B A chord diagramBB  | A chord diagramBB A chord diagramBMaj7Bmaj7 | A chord diagramBMaj7Bmaj7 E/B |  A chord diagramBB   |    |
You will see ....

Imagine events...

Imagine a fence...

Imagine a girl....

Imagine a past....

[repeat chorus]

And you will see the ...

Imagine a man...

Imagine a ....

[repeat chorus]

And you will ...

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Almost there ...

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