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The White Stripes tabs for Though i hear you calling i will not answer

Though I Hear You Calling I Will Not Answer tab by The White Stripes

The White Stripes tabs for Though i hear you calling i will not answer

Guitar tabs

Though I Hear You Calling (I Will Not Answer) - The White Stripes
Tabbed by: DetroitRockCity a.k.a Kyle Landgraf

This is a Backside track from the blue orchid single disc.  It is just Jack playing
guitar and singing, and Meg sings at some parts (on Helium).  I have pretty much all
of it except the solo type part near the end.  This tab shows all the main guitar
parts of the song.
Tuning: Standard

                      Though I hear you calling...          I will not answer.
A chord diagramBB|---1---1---1----------------------------------1---1---1-----------------------|
A chord diagramG+G|---2---2---2----------------------------------2—--2---2-------------------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|---2---2---2----------------------------------2---2---2-----------------------|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramE MajorE|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

A chord diagramBB|-------------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramG+G|---------------3--4--------4--4--3—1-------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|----3--3--3--------------------------------------|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|----3--3--3--------------------------------------|
A chord diagramE MajorE|-------------------------------------------------|

  And I Broke Your Cold...                  And I Broke Your Cold...
A chord diagramBB|---1--1--1--1-----1--1-----3--2--3--2--0---|
A chord diagramG+G|---2--2--2--2-----2--2---------------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|---2--2--2--2-----2--2---------------------|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|-------------------------------------------|
A chord diagramE MajorE|-------------------------------------------|

| /  slide up
| \  slide down
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  vibrato
| +  harmonic
| x  Mute note

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Though I Hear You Calling I Will Not Answer' by The White Stripes, a rock band formed in 1997 from Detroit, Michigan, USA. They retired in 2011. The White Stripes was known for their rousing rock/pop music.

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