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Guitar chords with lyrics:

Jail Bird chords by Jim White

JAILBIRD  -  Jim White

Intro  -  same chords for the Verse

Shape 1		Shape 2	open C shape at 3rd Fret (D#?)		Shape 3 open C
E X 		e X					e X
A O		A 5					A 3
D 10		D 4					D 2
G 9		G o					G O
B 12		B 3					B 1
E X		E x					E X

Verse 1
1                          2
 Dixie is a scourge and a scar
  3                                    2
 And a girl in my heart and a state of mind
1                         2
 Jesus is the man with a plan
 3                                     2
 He`s a short haired Mexican friend of mine
 1                                           2
 This small town crowd should`ve dragged you down
  3                       2
 Can`t leave your past behind
   1                         2
 Wipers in the rain tap out time
  3                        2
 Coming up on a new state line
                   Am            Em
   I wanna be a jailbird
            G                     D
   From the prison of my own damn mind
                     Am             Em
   Gonna get me a fast car
                G              D
   Set out and see what I can find
                Am                 Em
   Brick up the well of tears and disappear
     G           D
   Leave myself behind
              Am          Em
   Gonna be a jailbird
            G                     D
   From the prison of my own damn mind
Verse 2

    1                      2
    Midnight, take a short cut
     3                    2
    Through the downtown cemetery
    1               2
    No stepping on graves
    3                              2
    Check the statue of the Virgin Mary
     1                              2
    She`s catching moonlight in the shadows
    3                 2
    Revealing spider webs
      1                   2
    Can you see the black widow
     3                      2
    Hung between our lady`s hands?

Verse 3
      1                        2
     Now used to be when I was young
     3                  2
    I was so hungry for oblivion
     1                2
    My thoughts would linger
    3                        2
    Like fingers in a deadly web
    1                                 2
    But in time as sorrow showed it`s face
     3                            2
    In kind I learned to ache for grace
    1                          2
   To work and pray to one day Be
    3                          2
    delivered whole, alive and free


This is what I see and here when he plays live acoustic.


Jim White guitar chords for Jail bird