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Weedeater bass tabs for Monkey junction

Bass tabs with lyrics

...And Justice For Y'all

Tuning: Bass - D Standard ( D G C F )

this is mostly for bass. if you want to play guitar, its about the same thing I guess.
whiskey, break some glass, get hateful
there are a few references in the lyrics to places/streets in N. Carolina. im not from
and i cant find the real lyrics, this is my best guess as to what Dixie Dave is saying
this song only has one riff:
G|----5h7-p5---5--------------------------5h7-p5---5------| x2

riff x2

Maybe I just don't know which way to go when I show
Maybe I just won't go...

Maybe I'll just head back to West Virginia, by God
Maybe I just don't know...

All of the lights are out at Point Castle ( )
All of the stores are closed

Maybe I'll just walk back down Queen one time
Maybe I'll just head home, oh no, my God

it ain't over yet...


Baby the way you look, It doesn't matter to me
Maybe I don't think so

Maybe you don't want me to hang around anymore
Maybe I best just go

I'm headed back down south to ebaums( )
Maybe down to key low?

I know its hot as hell in the summer down there
All year 'round it snows, oh no, my god

it ain't over yet...

riff x2
it ain't over yet...



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