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Guitar chords with lyrics:

She Is So Beautiful chords by The Waterboys

  • Author: Ayreon77
  • Tuning: Standard
  • Capo on 2nd fret
                                          Artist - Waterboys
                                      Song - She Is So Beautiful
                                    Album - The Whole Of The Moon
                                         Tabbed By - Ayreon77


  Slide the Em to the 7th fret
C Em
Am F

Verse 1
C         Em
She is so beautiful
Am      F               C
   I've got no words to describe
    Em                    Am      F
The way she makes me feel inside
C            Em
  I'm flying solo
Am    F                  C
   As free as light as a bird
      Em                           Am
Yet I could lay my wings down in a moment
F                    C
To guard and comfort her

   C     Em

Verse 2
C         Em
She is so beautiful
Am F                        C
   Light-filled, loving and wise
Em                      Am   F
Laughter dancing in her eyes
C                     Em
All my road is before me
      F                   C
And I never did plan on a wife
    Em                      Am
Yet she's the most beatiful soul
F                       C
I ever have met in this life

Verse 3
  For she is like a song
She is like a ray of light
She is like children praying
Am                         Em
  Like harps and bells and cymbals playing
  And she is like a wind
C                 F
Moving, soothing, bringing joy
Am                G
   And here Am I, destroyed
C         Em
She is so beautiful
Am              F                           C
   I don't know what I'm going to do when I leave
Em       Am     F
  Except grieve

  Slide the Em to the 7th fret
C Em
Am F



The Waterboys guitar chords for She is so beautiful