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The Waterboys guitar chords for A man is in love

A Man Is In Love chords

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A Man Is In Love chords by The Waterboys

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From Mon Apr  8 14:47:56 1996

A chord diagramAA man is in love - The Waterboys

  G chord diagramGG                   Am chord diagramAmAm
1.  A chord diagramAA ..
2.  A chord diagramAA ..
3.  A chord diagramAA ..

  G/B chord diagramG/BG/B                              C chord diagramCC
1.  He ..
2.  I ..
3.  I ..

  D chord diagramDD                         Bb chord diagramBbBb                      G chord diagramGG - C chord diagramCC
1.  In ...
2.  He ..
3.  He'd ..

  Fill       (F chord diagramFF)               C chord diagramCC
1.A man ..
2.A ..
3.A man ..

   N.C.         F chord diagramFF           C chord diagramCC
B chord diagramBB---------------1-----------1---
G chord diagramGG---------------2-----------0---
D chord diagramDD---------------3-----------2---
A chord diagramAA---0---1--3---(3)----------3---< (optional)
E chord diagramEE--------------(1)--------------< /////////
  A chord diagramAA man ..

G chord diagramGG   320033
Am chord diagramAmAm  x02210
G/B chord diagramG/BG/B x20033
C chord diagramCC   x32010
D chord diagramDD   xx0232
Bb chord diagramBbBb  x13331

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