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Kingston Wall guitar tabs for Shine on me

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Kingston wall: Shine on me TAB

subscribed by Konkari

I found out that there aren't any guitar tabs for this song, so
i decided to make this. it isn't accurate, but it guides you to right direction.
  1.     2.    3.    4.

|-9--|---4--|--2--|--0--| At the second part the strumming changes, couldn't get it yet.

Strumming pattern:

| 1 | 2 | 3 4 | 1 |

In the intro, Walli uses his 4th finger for the melody while strumming at the same time.
It goes somewhat like this:

|--------------|---------|------|-----|-9--| X many as needed

The solo parts go from pentatonic scale, so it's quite simple to find out, or make
by yourself.

It may be inaccurate, but it's just to give some guidance,listen & find it out yourself,
not rely on tabs.

hope this'll help you out :)

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