The Dutchman by Walker Jerry Jeff

The Dutchman chords by Walker Jerry Jeff

Guitar chords with lyrics


  The Dutchman by Michael Peter Smith
  as performed by Jerry Jeff Walker on "Hill Country Rain"

  Standard E tuning. Capo at 3rd fret.


  ||: G GM7 G6 GM7 :||

---Verse 1------------------------------------------------------------

    G          GM7
  The Dutchman is not ...

   G6          GM7      Am
  to keep his thumb jambed in a ...

    D               G    Em
  But that's a ...|

    G      GM7
  When Amsterdam ....
     G6        GM7          Am
  in the morning Margaret brings him ...

   D                  G   Em
  He thinks the tulips bloom ...

        Am       D       Bm
  He's mad as he can be, but ....

         Am       D7       G   G7
  Sometimes she sees her unborn ...


     C     D      Bm
  Let us go to the banks ..

       C      D        Em
  where the walls rise a-bove ...

     C   D      Bm
  Long a-go, I used to ...

      C      D7        G  GM7 G6 GM7 G ...
  Now dear Margaret re-....[Intro]

---Verse 2------------------------------------------------------------

  The Dutchman still wears wooden ....[Chorus]

---Verse 3------------------------------------------------------------

  The windmills whirl the winter ....

  Intro: ||: G  GM7 G6  GM7 :||
  Verses: ||: G  GM7 G6  GM7 Am  /  D  /  G  Em :||
        Am  D  Bm  /  Am  D7  G  G7
  Chorus:   C  D  Bm  /  C  D  Em  /
        C  D  Bm  /  C  D7  G  (to Intro)


  some easy open chords:

    Am  002210
    Bm  xx4432
    C   032010
    D   x00232
    D7  x00212
    D7  x30232
    Em  022000
    Em7  020000
    G   320003
    G6  320000 aka G + e in soprano; or simply use Em7
    G7  320001
    GM7  320002

  In this arrangement, the gentle soprano melody do - ti - la - ti
  plays on the upper e-string in the G - GM7 - G6 - GM7 sequence
  throughout the piece, and can easily be plucked between strums.

  "Hill Country Rain", Ryko disc RCD 10241, is an awesome album from
  an awesome performer who has never lost his integrity - instead, he
  generally chose to lose either his wife or his sobriety.

  Anther version of this song in C is available at
  Straussfogel. My arrangement puts the piece in G (with the chorus
  in C) and then capo's it up to B-flat major, to match Jerry Jeff.

  Transcribed and submitted by Cliff Prince.

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