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Alan Walker chords and tabs

Accurate guitar tabs and chords by Alan Walker
Alan Walker from England, but has since moved to a small town in Norway called Bergen, is best known for his electro house music, but the songs is great to play on guitar as with these chords and tabs as well. Got famous on YouTube and has since gone platinum in more than 10 countries.

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Song title Type
All Falls DownGuitar Chords
All Falls DownGuitar Tabs
All Falls Down (Ver2)Guitar Chords
All Falls Down (Ver3)Guitar Chords
All Falls Down UkuleleGuitar Chords
AloneGuitar Chords
AloneGuitar Tabs
Alone (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Alone (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Alone AcousticGuitar Chords
Alone Pt IiGuitar Chords
BlueGuitar Chords
Blue (Ver2)Guitar Chords
DarksideGuitar Chords
DarksideGuitar Tabs
Diamond HeartGuitar Chords
Diamond Heart (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Different WorldGuitar Chords
End Of TimeGuitar Chords
FadeGuitar Intro
FadeGuitar Tabs
Faded (Ver4)Guitar Tabs
Faded Arash VersionGuitar Tabs
Faded Ukulele (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Fake A SmileGuitar Chords
For YouGuitar Chords
Give Me HopeGuitar Chords
Heading HomeGuitar Chords
Heading HomeGuitar Tabs
LilyGuitar Chords
LilyGuitar Tabs
Lily UkuleleGuitar Chords
Lost ControlGuitar Chords
Man On The MoonGuitar Chords
Man On The MoonGuitar Tabs
Not YouGuitar Chords
Ok (jop)Guitar Chords
On My WayGuitar Chords
On My WayGuitar Tabs
On My Way (Ver2)Guitar Chords
On My Way (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Out Of LoveGuitar Chords
ParadiseGuitar Chords
PlayGuitar Chords
RitualGuitar Chords
Running Out Of RosesGuitar Chords
Sad SometimesGuitar Chords
Sing Me To SleepGuitar Chords
Sing Me To SleepGuitar Tabs
Sing Me To Sleep (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Somebody Like UGuitar Chords
SundayGuitar Tabs
The DrumGuitar Chords
The Drum (Ver2)Guitar Chords
The SpectreGuitar Chords
The SpectreGuitar Intro
TiredGuitar Chords
UnityGuitar Chords
World We Used To KnowGuitar Chords
World We Used To KnowGuitar Tabs