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Rufus Wainwright chords and tabs

Rufus Wainwright tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Rufus Wainwright. Learn songs like Beautiful Child, Foolish Love, Going To A Town, Going To A Town and Halleujah easy.

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Song title Type
A Bit Of YouGuitar Chords
April FoolsGuitar Chords
Art TeacherGuitar Chords
Beautiful ChildGuitar Chords
Beauty Mark UkuleleGuitar Chords
CaliforniaGuitar Chords
CandlesGuitar Chords
Everybody KnowsGuitar Chords
Foolish LoveGuitar Chords
Forever And A YearGuitar Chords
Go Or Go AheadGuitar Chords
Going To A TownGuitar Chords
Going To A TownGuitar Tabs
HallelujahGuitar Chords
HalleujahGuitar Chords
I'll Build A Stairway To ParadiseGuitar Chords
In My ArmsGuitar Chords
JerichoGuitar Chords
Out Of The GameGuitar Chords
Perfect ManGuitar Chords
Sally AnnGuitar Chords
SanssouciGuitar Chords
Sword Of DamoclesGuitar Chords
WantGuitar Chords